Carpentry & Consturction Internship

Engineering and/or Technology
1 Jun, 2017 to 31 Oct, 2017
30 Jun, 2017

General information

2 months

We are a non-profit cooperative founded in 2011. We are a group of people who bought a run-down fish factory situated in the small village of Stöðvarfjörður on the East coast of Iceland. We have been renovating it and building up multiple facilities and workshops during the past few years and now we run an artist residency program, an concert program in our concert hall as well as having fully equipped wood workshop, metal workshop, ceramic workshop kitchen and print facility. We have a professional recording studio currently in the making. Our aim is to demonstrate how creative endeavors can build up a society in a sustainable way, and to provide a facility for artistic creation in the East.

The Factory is an huge project and even though we have gone a long way there are still many things to do and we can always use an extra hand :) The core team of the Factory is Una, Vinny and Rósa.

We are currently seeking interns to help us with carpentry and construction work on a recording studio and general maintenance of the building. There is plenty of stuff to do and it is important that people can work independently, are good craftspeople who know how to use woodworking tools (table saw, thickness planer and etc. are a huge plus) and all general power tools. Experience of carpentry is important, - plumbing, cabinet making, electricity, concrete work and all general construction work are very much appreciated.... So if you are a "Jack of all Trades" you might have found your place in the world. It is also very good to have an international driving license.

We are looking for people who can stay for 1-2 months at the time, from 1st.of June - 31st of July and then again from 1st - 31st of October.

For your efforts we will provide you with housing and good company and we hope to see you happy around :)

All the best
The Team
Una, Vinny and Rósa

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Carpentry  Construction Work  
English: Independent User B2
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Construction Work