Intern in Robotics

Engineering and/or Technology
1 Mar, 2017 to 31 Aug, 2017
1 Mar, 2017

General information

6 months

Pro-Drone is a startup company that has developed control software which ​ empowers UAVs to autonomously
inspect the blades of wind turbines​ . We are currently offering full-time internships for graduate and undergraduate
students. The dates for the internships are flexible, but applicants must be able to ​ commit for at least 4 months​ , with
the possibility of integrating into the team on a full-time basis, if the fit is great. This position requires you to be at our
office in ​ Lisbon, Portugal​ .

As a member of the Pro-Drone team you will be ​ directly involved in a variety of innovative projects and have the
opportunity to gain ​ hands-on experience in a startup environment​ . Furthermore, you will be working alongside the
core development team in existing and new products. You must be willing to learn, pay attention to detail, be able to
take initiative and work in a multicultural environment.

You will be ​ developing control algorithms for autonomous UAV inspections using state-of-art hardware and
software; enhancing present navigation approaches for robust and efficient performance by fusing data from several
onboard sensors; ​ develop software and hardware in the loop simulations for testing the control code before
performing actual flights; learning how to pilot, operate and maintain multirotor UAVs.

The main requirement for an applicant is a good knowledge of the ​ C++ programming language​ . Having the
additional following skills is preferable, but not obligatory:

  • Python
  • ROS (Robots Operating System)
  • Gazebo/Rviz
  • Image Processing, CUDA, OpenCV
  • Linux
  • Experience with electronic components (transmitters, IMU, GPS)

The internship does not imply direct financial support by Pro-Drone, but ​ we provide full support for Erasmus+
scholarships​ . We have hosted 8 interns to date and are happy to provide their contacts in case you want direct
feedback from someone who has interned with us. Please contact your university representative for more details or
find the Erasmus+ National agency.

Financial compensation


Robotics  UAV  Drone  C++  Python  ROS  Gazebo  Image Processing  OpenCV  Linux  electronics  
English: Independent User B2