How it works is the place where interns and internships meet. Here students that would like to do an internship abroad can have their profiles online, search for internships and apply. On the other hand, Companies and Organisations that are offering internships can post for free their vacancies, search for interns and see if the applications they received are suitable for the position that they have opened.

Check below the opportunities that can offer you:


For Students

Get connected

Stay up to date on the latest internship offers in Europe

Go Abroad

Search for, find and apply for an internship abroad

Gain experience

Put all your skills into action and gain work experience



For Companies/Organisations

Publish internship offers

On the platform you have a space to post for free your internship offers.

Search for interns

Access a unique member base of internationally minded young, skilled professionals.

Check the applications

See all the applications to your vacancies and decide which intern you want to recruit.