Quality Internships

One of the major challenges of today’s young graduates is transition phase from education to the labour market and consequently, the unsustainable high youth unemployment rate in many EU countries. At the same time, work experience is highly valued by employers, thus early labour market experience such as internships, traineeships and apprenticeships are useful to facilitate youth access to job market.

However, the lack of clear quality guidelines undermines the main purpose of internships, internships and apprenticeships which is to give practical skills to young people.

In this context, the European Quality Charter of Internships and Apprenticeships, an initiative of the European Youth Forum, was created.

The European Youth Forum (YFJ) is the platform of youth organisations in Europe. Independent, democratic and youth-led, it represents 99 National Youth Councils and International Youth Organisations from across the continent. The Erasmus Student Network (provider of ErasmusIntern) as an international student organisation, is a member of YFJ since 2010.

The European Quality Charter of Internships and Apprenticeships lays basic quality principles for internships and apprenticeships to become a valuable and quality experience across Europe.

It has been elaborated in close cooperation with different stakeholders: trade unions, companies, and institutions, to ensure that such a quality framework will become a reality for all young Europeans.


To read and download the full charter


ESN, as part of the European Youth Forum, urges all providers of traineeships, internships and apprenticeships to commit to quality standards and to apply a clear and coherent code of conduct, leading by example.


To know more about Quality Internships and the European Quality Charter initiative check http://qualityinternships.eu/.