➡️ Content Marketing Internship in Poland

Communication and Information Sciences, Humanities, Languages and Philological Sciences
1 Jun, 2024 to 31 Oct, 2024
31 Jul, 2024

General information

6 months

WhitePress is an international content marketing & SEO agency and also a platform, where you can easily and quickly publish articles on many quality portals in different languages to improve your online visibility and brand awarness.

The most important function of the platform is the automatization of publishing articles.
The company cooperates with Publishers, Marketers, and Influencers of over 95 000 portals. 
We work with the largest content marketing agencies from Poland and Europe. In 2019, the company also entered foreign markets.


We are looking for a communicative person who is interested in internet marketing and would like to join the WhitePress international team and support activities in entering new markets 

Internship duration:  3 - 6 months. (with a possibility of extending)
Start date: whenever you want :-)

Check YouTube videos ➡️ WhitePress on YouTube


What will you do during the internship:

➡️ supporting International, SEO and Content Marketing departments,
➡️ acquiring publishers and marketers,
➡️ learning and operating CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system,
➡️ content creation and simple translations,
➡️ ongoing publisher service,
➡️ taking care of good relations with clients and publishers.


What you will gain as part of the Internship:

✅ huge dose of knowledge
✅ possibility to work in a growing company within an energetic young team,
✅ valuable experience from a leader in the content and influencer marketing industry
✅ development in many areas of marketing and advertising on the Internet,
✅ a chance to develop your skills working for a leader in the content and influencer marketing industry,
✅ experience in working for recognizable brands,
✅ you will take part in the expansion of a large company to foreign markets.


Are you ready for an amazing adventure in the world of content marketing?  Contact with us: [email protected]





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