AI Blockchain Internship - Developers Wanted for Exciting New Project **********EU/UK/EUROPEAN PASSPORT HOLDERS ONLY***********

Business Studies and/or Management Science, Communication and Information Sciences, Engineering and/or Technology
30 Mar, 2021 to 23 Mar, 2023
12 Dec, 2021

General information

6 months

We are working on a global, decentralized, ground-up artificial intelligence network that unlocks the knowledge potential of the world’s information with a Universal Turing Machine anchored with blockchain. This project makes all information self-aware on its fabric and is a revolutionary approach to AI where information itself knows what it needs to do and has its own memory.

Furthermore, this project is a ‘disruptive’, game-changing technology that will revolutionize data processing, replacing cumbersome ‘application programs’ with elegant, fluid, distributed objects that are self-contained, self-aware, and self-executing. ‘Applications’ as we know them will no longer be needed. We have created a unique, patented, and proprietary model that contains a powerful AI making data more useful.

About the role:

As a developer you will participate in an exciting development environment and act as a passionate advocate for our solutions. 

What we are looking for:

Several or all of the following:

• Passion for AI/machine learning, blockchain, cryptography, distributed systems and the web 3.0 ecosystem are a plus.

• Experience as a software developer, architect, technical evangelist, consultant, community manager, product manager, CTO or consultant working with various platforms.

• Strong interest to learn new languages and frameworks as needed (JavaScript/Java, C/C++, C#, Ruby on Rails).

• Experience blogging/writing technical articles contributing to an open source project for new and existing technologies and/or programming languages.

• An interest in developer tools and technologies, especially programming approaches, APIs, architectures, etc, and deeply technical topics like performance, security, scalability, etc.

• Experience working directly and over social media with partners or third-party developers.

• Interest in working with remote teams and in a highly decentralized organization.

• Excellent interpersonal skills, both spoken and written English. • A self-starter, who is comfortable in a highly dynamic environment and prepared to engage with others to participate in overall team direction.

What application areas are we looking for:

• Web front/back end

• Data Science/Analytics/AI/Machine Learning

• Web page design UI/UX, themeing, layout

• Knowledge of APIs communication and development

• Game design/development

• Mobile

• Blockchain

What positions we are looking for:

• Both Junior and Senior positions • Front End Developers • Back End Developers • Technical Project Managers • Data Scientists/Data Visualization • Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Engineers • Business/Economic Administration • Graphics Designers,

UI/UX What skillsets/platforms/programming languages we are looking for:

• Java Servlets, Serverpages, Swing, 3d • Javascript, NodeJS, jquery, Bootstrap, D3 • C/C++, Linux tool chain, Windows tool chain • C#, Unity • HTML, Magento2 • Python/R • Ruby on Rails • Database Technologies, MySQL, MongoDB, Neo4j, BerkeleyDB • Docker, Docker Swarm, Virtual Machine Environments • Systems Administration, Linux/Windows, Blockchain node management, Git/Jenkins/Artifactory administration • Configuration Management, Requirements management, Change Control, Source code control, Continuous integration, Automated testing and profilin

No financial compensation
Years of Experience required: 


Blockchain  AI  ML  Machine Learning  Artificial Intelligence  IoT  DLT  Distributed Ledger Technology  Data  
English: Proficient User C1
Level of Studies: