App Developer

Communication and Information Sciences, Engineering and/or Technology, Mathematics and/or Informatics
4 Dec, 2023 to 14 Jun, 2024
27 Nov, 2023

General information

6 months


We are a social enterprise that creates successful brands on online marketplaces.

We focus on retail brands that are active in online marketplaces like Amazon. If you join us, you will have a great opportunity to work with all our brands and on multiple projects.

We want passionate and self-driven individuals with a real strive for improving themselves – who will enjoy a dynamic and creative environment where they can try new things and be themselves.

Join us now to expand your skills, learn new ones, and work in a real work environment with a global outreach.



  • Working with Python
  • Development of WordPress websites and Shopify stores.
  • Integration of the frontend, backend, and shipping.
  • Upkeep of different websites.
  • Plugins, API Connections and prompting.
  • Integration of pixels.
  • Working with AI Language Models like Midjourney and ChatGPT.
  • Create web applications.


  • Development of WordPress websites and Shopify stores.
  • Develop UI/UX design patterns with sketch/adobe or Figma.
  • Design appealing web designs with HTML, CSS, and WordPress editors according to supervisor’s comments.
  • Manage woocommerce system in WordPress by updating product details according to supervisor feedback.
  • Web design and development in Shopify using react components/ HTML, and CSS, JavaScript and Streamline.
  • Manage Shopify store by updating product details like price, variants, description, and so on.



  • Knowledge of python and integration of different API(openAI)
  • Develop chatbots and work on integration front end and back end
  • Creating Gmail API in google cloud platform for SMTP Gmail configuration in WordPress.
  • Integrating contact form/gift forms with Cpanel emails.
  • Develop a connection between Cpanel emails and Gmail using the pop3 server.
  • Develop scripts/custom functions in google app script for sending automated emails to our customers.
  • Develop a google app script/app function that connects WordPress gitforms and contact forms to a spreadsheet for asynchronous message monitoring



  • Knowledge of Shopify or WordPress platforms and tools, especially front-end skills
  • Interest in AI Developments and AI Language Models.
  • Eagerness to take additional courses and training provided by Wission
  • Team player - online communication with the team on a daily basis
  • Results-driven
  • Enthusiastic to learn, improve and develop yourself personally
  • A burning passion for online businesses & Startups
  • Have a pleasing personality and you are committed to taking responsibility



  • The internship is 100 euro per month;
  • Erasmus+ grant, (we are a registered Erasmus+ company and able to apply with your University - 300,- to 1000,- per month)
  • Unlimited Courses about Online Marketing (exclusive paid cutting edge training)
  • Unlimited access to Management and business books summaries.
  • Personally trained and coached by an experienced colleague.
  • Attending Seminars / Events related to your work.
  • An exciting environment to express your passion and talents, develop your skills.
  • An opportunity to contribute to a start-up company, grow personally and professionally.
  • You will be crucial in the expansion of our products.
  • A chance to set a goal for your personal development and tools to start your journey to self-actualization



  • Flexible start date
  • A 6-12 month internship.
  • All communication is done in English.
  • The language of Dutch, German, French, or Chinese is an advantage.
  • Full-time work, 40 hours a week



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You will receive a bonus of 200 euros per month at the end of your internship as a compensation

No financial compensation
Years of Experience required: 
English: Proficient User C1
Level of Studies: