Aquatic Technician Internship

Agriculture Sciences
19 Oct, 2020 to 19 Apr, 2021
11 Oct, 2020

General information

6 months

A position within the AquaBioTech Group has arisen for a suitably qualified person to work as an aquaculture / aquatic technician on a variety of research projects at our R&D facility known as ABT Innovia.  The responsibilities of the selected candidate are defined as follows: - ​

  1. The position requires a person who is highly motivated and prepared to work on rotating shifts at the group’s R&D facility known as ABT Innovia with a team of international staff. 


  1. The person will be involved in all aspects of the research facility, including live-feed, algae, larval rearing, nutrition, and fish health trials as well as daily tasks that include general maintenance of the recirculation systems, water quality testing, sample weighing, feeding, dissections, and other experimental requirements. 


  1. The candidate will also need to work on drafting and preparing standard operating procedures (SOP), manuals, and training guides, as well as potentially assisting in the training of foreign students that come to the R&D facility each year for internships.


  1. The other focus of work relates to specific contract research assignments where the technician will follow a series of research assignments from start to finish and assist in reporting on the observations and findings of the work.



Reporting directly to the R&D Facilities Manager, the position is demanding requiring a person who is highly motivated, methodical, and organised.  The selected person must be prepared to work to very tight deadlines in isolated and multi-functional projects and in conjunction with a team of international staff.  The AquaBioTech Group has also been awarded and is continuously seeking to win more, research projects funded by local government and the EU. 

Compensation: Accommodation

English: Proficient User C2
Level of Studies: 
Short cycle or equivalent