Are you interested in Viking plant traditions?

Humanities, Natural Sciences
1 Apr, 2020 to 29 Aug, 2020
22 Feb, 2020

General information

3 months
3-4 days per week

We are offering a two to three month internship at the Natural History Museum of Oslo (UiO) to contribute to the interdisciplinary research project “People and Plants: Rediscovering and safeguarding Nordic ethnobotanical heritage”. This is an innovative research project across the humanities and the natural sciences that aims to trace the origins of plant knowledge in Scandinavia.

We are looking for a motivated student to contribute to our research project. You will collaborate with the following research tasks:

(1)   1. Finding bibliographic sources about plant traditions in (primarily) Denmark,

(2)   2. Translating key information into English,

(3)   3. Systematising folklore knowledge into a Nordic plant folklore database.

We are looking for a BA or MA student with background in the humanities, social sciences, or in biology and fluency in English and a Scandinavian language. So far, we have had great experiences with a BA and an MA intern from UiO as well as two Erasmus interns who spend the summer of 2019 with us:

 A welcoming and inspiring learning experience - this is how I would describe my summer internship. The project researchers are easy to talk to, and were receptive and understanding, helping me shape the project to suit my knowledge and experience. I really enjoyed my time there! Magali Courtade, MA Social Anthropology, UiO

We will provide support to apply for Erasmus+ funding. The application needs to be submitted to your home institution, but we will help you gather the documentation you need and sign a “Learning agreement for traineeships”. We will help you to find affordable accommodation in student housing and we will pay for your return flight to Oslo.

No financial compensation
Years of Experience required: 


Summer in Oslo  
Danish: Proficient User C1
Level of Studies: 
Short cycle or equivalent
systematic and detail-oriented