Artificial Inteligence and Robotics for Agriculture

Agriculture Sciences, Engineering and/or Technology
Arganda del Rey (Madrid)
1 Mar, 2021 to 1 Jun, 2021
31 Aug, 2020

General information

4 months
2-3 days per week

In the area of outdoor mobile robotics, the Group of Artificial Perception is dedicated to the development of small mobile platforms that can be used for both field scouting and treatment application. The aim is for robots to move autonomously guided by the available natural structures, such as crop rows. For example, in the case of Precision Agriculture, a Site Specific Management system is conceived as a three-stage intelligent and artificial system which includes:
1) Perception or detection and identification of natural structures such as crop rows or weeds.
2) Decision-making, or the development of an action plan that must consider elements such as the amount of herbicide to be applied, information supplied by the perception stage, additional information available (type of crop and weeds, field history, farmer experience, etc.), and the targets set for the treatment.
3) Action or implementation of the treatment plan; specifically, the generation of the appropriate signals to be sent to the treatment equipment, for example a sprayer.
In summary, the candidate will have the change to join to several European research projects acquiring high knowledge on:
- Perception Systems: Merging sensory and contextual information in the context of future agriculture.
- Autonomous robots for Precision Agriculture
- Control of implements and robotics tools for site-specific applications


No financial compensation
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Artificial Inteligence Robotics Precision Agriculture  
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