Assistant Film Editor

Art and Design, Communication and Information Sciences
United Kingdom
16 Aug, 2021 to 15 Aug, 2022
31 Dec, 2021

General information

3 months

Escombro is a recent independent film production company which divides its activity between Lisbon, London and New York.

Our main project at the moment is a feature-length documentary shot between New York and Lisbon, portraying the life of two well-known personalities, and partly funded by Portugal’s state fund.

We are offering an internship position to a talented individual to join our team as assistant editor, who will be dedicated to editing clips and trailers related to this documentary in particular.


Job duties:

  • Backing up, copying and organizing footage;
  • Editing teasers, trailers, clips and scene selects to promote the documentary and find partners and sponsors;
  • Adapt the clips and its titles to the requirements of specific film funds and potential parterns/sponsors;
  • Creating original and appealing titles and transitions;
  • Exporting videos with the adequate quality standards and specifications;
  • Assisting with technical and software issues;
  • Assisting with the main film editing during post-production;
  • The quantity and type of activities performed by the intern will depend on their interests, knowledge, performance, experience and attitude.



  • Ideally, a degree in Film (preferred), Communication or related subject (specialization in editing preferred);
  • Comfortable with Premiere Pro (DaVinci Resolve and After Effects are a plus; other editing software is a plus);
  • Excellent organization, time management and prioritization skills: ability to manage multiple tasks and projects with attention to detail and follow up;
  • Excellent English language knowledge (Portuguese and Spanish language domain are a plus);
  • Great communication skills: applicant needs to be able to transmit their ideas clearly and in an appealing way;
  • Excellent problem-solving skills;
  • Good domain of common computer/mobile software and OS;
  • Love for cinema;
  • Self-motivated with an independent, entrepreneurial spirit;
  • Team-working;
  • Open-minded and tolerant;
  • Sense of initiative, Leadership, Creative Thinking.



  • Creative freedom: The intern will be responsible for editing the company’s project’s trailers and other promotional videos and we are looking for fresh ideas and innovative, creative content;
  • Exposure and credit: Your work will be featured in widely available clips and other visual materials, you will be credited in the finished film;
  • A personal and professional growing experience where the intern will have the opportunity to learn about independent filmmaking and film editing, working directly with the director in an ambitious international documentary about two famous personalities, with the support of Portugal’s Cinema and Audiovisual Institute;
  • Flexible working hours;
  • Flexible workplace: You can work from Lisbon, London, or remotely;
  • The opportunity to work in a growing company with a friendly and international environment;
  • Possibility of evolving to a Film editing role during the post-production of the documentary and see your name when the credits roll: Your role will be key to the success of the project, so depending on the results and the role the intern plays, we’ll contemplate the possibility of offering a permanent position.


The ideal candidate is a creative, practical and forward-thinking person who takes initiative and comes up with new ideas in an independent manner, to create clips that are in tune with the project’s themes while also being appealing and engaging, in order to find partners and sponsors and attract a varied audience.

Making independent films is hard; usually there are many bumps in the way towards a finished film, and a strong team with motivated people is key to success.


25 hours/week: Working hours are flexible, the intern will be able to manage their own schedule as they see best to complete weekly tasks.


Duration is flexible, there is a minimum of 3 months and depending on how it goes, can be extended to 12 months or even to a permanent position.


Please submit resume + brief cover letter.

No financial compensation
English: Proficient User C1
Portuguese: Independent User B2