Associate Consultant Intern

Education and/or Teacher Training, Geography and/or Geology, Social Sciences
United States
Park Forest, IL
11 Nov, 2019 to 11 Oct, 2020
30 Nov, 2019

General information

11 months

Our internship program for bachelor's degree candidates provides broad exposure to the consulting industry and to business strategy through full-­time immersion on a Bain case team.

As an associate consultant intern (ACI), you'll begin the summer with a week of intensive training delivered by experienced consultants—and very similar to the training received by new associate consultants. At the end of the summer, ACIs who have met performance expectations will receive an offer to return full­-time as associate consultants once they have graduated from college or university. 

What You'll Do

After training, you'll be assigned to an active case. Here's a sample of what you can expect to experience and accomplish:

  • Work on a case team with three to five other consultants, taking charge of a distinct aspect of the project
  • Interview clients' customers, competitors, suppliers and employers—work that will become the basis of the case team's strategic recommendations
  • Own and identify information sources, gather and interpret data, and execute analysis to translate into meaningful insights
  • Present your findings to case team members and client stakeholders

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Financial compensation
Lunch vouchers
Health Insurance
Years of Experience required: