Back-end Developer Intern

Engineering and/or Technology
Termini Imerese (Palermo)
1 Oct, 2019 to 1 Apr, 2020
1 Sep, 2019

General information

4 months

Steadiness is a start-up from Palermo. The company empowers enterpriseses in the industrial and medical field by providing complete solutions such as hardware, machines, software, and services. Our environmentally friendly solutions create new business models and unprecedented efficiencies. A number of projects are currently underway in this respect, some of which involve multiple disciplines including mechanical, electronics, software and marketing. We have a workshop at Termini Imerese (Palermo).

The duration of the internship must be at least 4 months. In addition, there is a possibility to obtain a grant from the ERASMUS+ Traineeship.

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Design and development of back-end solutions,
  • Develop and program data acquisition communications and protocols,
  • Integrating, testing and optimisation of sensors,
  • Being a part of a team and work directly with front-end developer, mechanical, graphics and development members of the team as required,
  • Joining technical meetings and project reviews.

 Essencial Skills:

  • Degree in Computer Science/Computer Engineering/Mechatronics/Telecommunication or similar
  • Experience in Arduino, Raspberry
  • Experience in Python, C++, ASP.NET
  • Familarity with software development lifecycle
  • Team player with the ability to work autonomously in the international team

 Preferred Skills:

  • Familiarity with SQL, MySQL, JSON and HTML
  • Familiarith with IoT communication (TCP, UDP)
  • Experience in web development and MVC framework
  • Experience in source-code management using Git and GitHub
  • Knowledge of graphic design (Adobe AfterEffects, Photoshop, Illustrator and 3D modelling software or similar)

 Working Schedule:

  • Daily Schedule: 7 hours (from 9:00 to 17:00 with a 1-hour lunch break).
  • Weekly Schedule: 35 hours (Monday to Friday).

  Why is it a good opportunity?

  • Get experience as a team member in a fast-growing startup,
  • Learning how to work in international team,
  • Experience a startup mentality,
  • Work with a young and highly skilled team,
  • Learn how to complete projects in team.

 We are looking for a intern, ideally a recently graduated or last year students (bachelor or master degree) who will work with us! We are looking for an energetic young person looking for a first career opportunity in software development. Please keep in mind that you are supposed to be eligible for an Erasmus+ grant. Otherwise, the compensation details as follow:

  • We provide 400 Euro/month during internship period, 
  • We provide accommodation (room in mixed house) during internship period


  • Financial allowance (400 Euro/month)
  • Accommodation (a room in mixed house)

If you have any questions, contact with us by [email protected]
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