Brand And Communication Design Executive (July - December)

Art and Design
United Kingdom
1 Jul, 2023 to 30 Dec, 2023
1 Jul, 2023

General information

6 months


We believe in the power of good music and good content creation. An innovation borne out of passion for new and emerging music, and efforts to revolutionize the way new music and content is discovered and consumed, WPGM provides a relevant platform and service, via media and publishing, digital PR and publicity, radio and TV plugging, and social media marketing, to promote, support and raise awareness for the best new music, artists and lifestyle content.

Already with an established solid platform of over 100,000 monthly visits, over 25,000 Twitter followers, over 40,000 Facebook fans, and over 20,000 Instagram fans, WPGM – as a trend setter and taste-maker since its first iteration in 2009 – is out to further up the ante in disseminating and promoting relevant new media and content to its global audiences.

In the short years of existence, WPGM has garnered numerous media support and acknowledgment from industry peers and stalwarts as a respected brand within the online media, publishing and PR landscape. We are one of the UK’s most sought after media, publishing and digital PR services companies. Our media arm functions online via (WPGM) and (CAH), with future expansions into TV, Radio and Print content.

Our PR services arm functions within the digital music PR and social media marketing spaces in the UK and West Africa, with a view to expanding into Europe and America, while continuing to build our digital music PR services/activities in the UK and West Africa. We are also looking at expanding into digital PR/Publicity for corporate brands and events in the UK and Africa.

Regarding our brand and communication design job role, please find below some job specifications and responsibilities.

Please note that this opportunity is unpaid.

1. Graphic Design + Branding

2. Creating and designing motion content for social media

3. Creating and designing company media pack

4. Following design briefs and guidelines to create collateral for digital and print projects.

5. Graphic design support in Social Media Management

6. Design engaging video & artwork for promotional campaigns and activity

7. Create and deliver high quality videos (predominantly for social media)

8. Create and deliver high quality photography and work on artwork for the full range of projects, which will include graphic design, branding, UX and digital multimedia design

9. Create high quality graphic design artwork and multimedia materials to support the marketing & comms team with its campaigns, communications, video and social media content to educate, persuade and inform the audience

If this of interest to you, please send an email to [email protected] with your CV and cover letter.

Compensation: No financial compensation.

No financial compensation


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English: Independent User B2
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