Business Development Associate

Business Studies and/or Management Science, Communication and Information Sciences, Social Sciences
1 Oct, 2021 to 31 Dec, 2021
10 Sep, 2021

General information

3 months

Main activities during the internship (non-exclusive list):

- Supporting the implementation of the company's business development strategy in Estonia, Hungary and Belgium, and selected target market countries in the EU, North America and CIS;
- Mapping of ecosystem actors related to space tech: scholars, scientific organisations, educators, industries, policy makers;
- Researching business opportunities and creating databases about segments of clients and partners;
- Communication with shorlisted clients and partners, with the approval and/or participation of the job supervisor;
- Organising remote events, webinars and business meetings of PhaseGrowth under its participation in the Copernicus Relays Network, EO4GEO, EERICA (hint: please check what these organisations do before the internship interview);
- Analysing the results of the business activities, including self-reflection on the intern's own work.

We are flexible about the duration and timing of the internship. We also expect flexibility as startup work is not a well-streamlined business of an established multinational corporation.

To date we have hosted a total of 7 interns for periods of 2 to 5 months at our offices in Tallinn and Budapest. At the time of the start of the internship, the trainees will work together with other two interns, one from Kazakhstan and one from Kenya. Both are new MSc graduates.

Financial compensation
Transportation costs
Health Insurance
Years of Experience required: 


space data; space tech  

Additional Information

Please ask your university if they could provide you with a grant under the Erasmus+ programme. We could assist you with the necessary documentation to obtain the grant and prepare the reports during the internship. As a startup company, we cannot provide financially attractive conditions to our trainees. However, we could ensure great interaction within the team, cooperation with partners in our ecosystem, participation in conferences, training webinars...and parties :)
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