Business Development Intern for social enterprises in Sofia, Bulgaria

Art and Design, Business Studies and/or Management Science, Social Sciences
2 May, 2021 to 1 May, 2022
16 Apr, 2021

General information

12 months

The intern will primarily be supporting the development of two social enterprises:

  1. Caritart

A new social atelier started less than two years ago, Caritart is a project through which beneficiaries from different Caritas Sofia projects have the opportunity to make cards and souvenirs and be paid for their work. Interns will:

  • Help at workshops in three Caritas Sofia projects:
    • A centre for people with mental and physical disabilities, where they primarily make cards, badges and ceramic items, with the support of a qualified art therapist and ceramics expert
    • An integration centre for refugees and migrants, where a women’s group mostly makes items from leather and knitted souvenirs, with the support of the Caritart manager who is an artist and social worker.
    • A centre for children at risk in the Roma region of Fakulteta, where women and children make a variety of souvenirs.
  • Support the Caritart coordinator with the development of new products.
  • Take photographs of different products and update the Caritart website
  • Sell Caritart products at a variety of bazaars and events
  • Support Caritas staff in developing partnerships, particularly with Corporate partners who may be interested to make bulk orders of products for holidays and events.
  • Provide content for Caritas social media and websites.
  • Support recruitment, training and ongoing support for local volunteers
  1. Caristo

Caristo is a social enterprise bistro in the heart of Sofia, which employs refugees and long-term unemployed Bulgarians. In addition to a small seating area for customers, the bistro also offers catering for events, and has cooked for up to 200 vulnerable elderly people per day throughout the COVID-19 crisis. Interns will:

  • Help to create a new website for the bistro
  • Support the team in finding new business development opportunities to increase the number of customers and catering clients.
  • Support Caritas's PR officer to create social media posts, including engaging photographs
  • Working with the team to cook, package and deliver food
  • Engaging with other campaigns such as the COVID-19 response.

In addition to the two projects above, general responsibilities of the intern will be:

  • Work with the team to consider opportunities to develop new social enterprises.
  • Using their own initiative to develop new activities in the context of Caritas Sofia’s activities.
  • Visiting and taking part in other projects and initiatives of the organisation
  • Participate in meetings and trainings with other NGOs and state institutions.

If interested, the intern will also have the opportunity to volunteer with any other Caritas Sofia projects based in Sofia including:

  • Home care services
  • Mobile services for homeless people
  • A centre for people with disabilities
  • A centre for children at risk in the Roma region of Fakulteta
  • A centre for single mothers and vulnerable women
  • An integration centre for refugees, migrants and asylum seekers

Person specification:​

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Good IT skills including use of Word, Excel, Social media and Content Management systems - ideally with some experience of developing Wordpress websites.
  • Financial and business acumen
  • A desire to help some of the most vulnerable people in society
  • An artistic flair and interest and experience in making and developing artistic products
  • An interest in social enterprises – experience in working with such organisations is desirable.
  • Proficient use of English language
  • A desire to develop professionally and personally through the course of the project
  • The ability to work alone and as part of a team
  • Enthusiasm for and commitment to the project
  • No criminal record

Compensation: No financial compensation

No financial compensation


Art  Design  Marketing  Arabic  Russian  Social enterprise  Disability  NGO  Charity  Business Development  Business Plan  Refugee  Catering  
English: Independent User B2
Arabic: Basic User A1
Persian: Basic User A1
Russian: Basic User A1