Business Process Internship - paid internship

Business Studies and/or Management Science, Engineering and/or Technology, Mathematics and/or Informatics
3 Feb, 2020 to 30 Jun, 2020
9 Feb, 2020

General information

6 months


The ‘Business Process Intern’ works with the ‘Product Owner - Creator tooling’ and the various Topic Experts on designing, building, and improving the heart and soul of the Aflorithmic technology: The Creator Tooling. This toolset enables our internal content writer and audio creatives to use AI-driven voices and state of the art audio production chains to turn written text into bespoke audio stories that will inspire thousands of users worldwide. The Business Process Intern will be one of the main knowledge holders of the production process and will train and support the Topic Experts with any challenges in their production tasks. They will further use their technical skills to perform various data analysis tasks of the production process and produce the right ideas to further improve the process. They will also be involved in the design and refinement of the creator tooling tech stack.


Business Process:

  • Knowledge holder in the details of the Content Creation Process

  • Training and support of topic experts with their production process

  • Data analytics for process definition and refinement  


Creator Tooling Knowledge Holder: 

  • Knowledge holder in the details of the Creator tooling

  • Help development to improve the tooling (mainly QA/testing for development projects)  

  • Support the ’Product Owner - Creator Tooling’ with anything concerning advancing the toolset  


Perfect candidate: 

  • Business process thinking

  • Very good tech knowledge 

  • Technical capability to perform basic ETL/Analysis tasks (Python, SQL) 

  • Eager to work with AI and in a fast-changing, international environment with a multicultural team 

  • Eager to learn and build knowledge about all the different facets of the production process and the tooling 

  • Proactive and eager to drive things

  • BCN based

  • Good command of English


Apply through this link and send your CV to [email protected]

Financial compensation