Calling All Video Editors! Work remote with a digital agency and a team located all over Europe & Beyond!

Art and Design, Communication and Information Sciences, Engineering and/or Technology
1 Jun, 2020 to 30 Sep, 2020
15 Jun, 2020

General information

3 months

Mamma Marketing is here to open up and maximise the possibilities of online business for an organisation. 

The Mamma team is working remote all over the world with offices in Dublin and Porto.

Our team’s combined wisdom and expertise brings an organisation’s presence to the fore, portraying it as it should be, both online and offline.

We educate and inspire our client companies regarding the new experiences online prominence can bring to their short- and long-term growth.

We have several ongoing projects, some our own projects and other for behalf of clients with Mamma Marketing.


We have several ongoing projects, some our own projects and other for behalf of clients with Mamma Marketing.


About Mamma Go and Mamma Marketing

We’re a growing international team that's expanded its network and partners all over Europe, and in parts of Asia, Australia and North America.


Our team:

We're all from and currently located in Ireland, Portugal, Italy, Finland, France, UK, Turkey, US, Slovenia, Moldova, China, Poland, Australia, Spain and more to follow!

A full-service team of writers, marketeers, developers, designers, video editors and other specialties!​

Mamma's Mission is to share as much quality, useful information as possible, especially in niche areas that need really help people who need it the most. 

And yes, you will be joining a high energy, young, motivated team with a great work eithic.


The Role of a Video Editor

Our video editors are key members of the team for a variety of projects, tasks of the video editors include improving email marketing campaigns and blog campaigns with videos, exploring TikTok and other video orientated platforms, brainstorming campaigns, learning from data and the trends of SEO and analytics, social media strategies and more!

You'll be working with experienced marketing and content teams which will help speed up your development, through practical learning and doing. 



An internship for 3 to 6 months is preferred however we're open to 3 to 5 months too.


Successful Applicants Responsibilities and Requirements

The successful applicant will have a good level of English to communicate with the team.

The Successful applicant will be a self motivated, hard working, friendly and well rounded individual ready to represent our expanding company in the best way possible.


Future Employment

We are very confident in our internship training programme. Our interns finish with the skills to be of true value to the projects you are working on and the digital marketing sector in general! Because of this, there are options to offer the successful intern a full time or part time position either straight away or when the intern finishes his/her studies.


Sounds good to you?

To apply for this internship, please take the first step and fill out the short questionnaire here at this link

Additional Information

Please fill out the form and include your cover letter. The interview process is quite efficient!