Chemical Analyst/Lab technician

Engineering and/or Technology, Natural Sciences
1 Nov, 2023 to 31 Aug, 2024
31 Aug, 2024

General information

5 months

Celignis ( is a company that is leading the world in the analysis of biomass and in the development of solutions to make biomass processing technologies more competitive. Our work is contributing towards the transition away from using unsustainable fossil fuels to instead using sustainably-sourced biomass and wastes.

Currently Celignis employs a wide array of analytical and biomass processing equipment in its laboratory, however these items of equipment do not necessarily fully meet the custom requirements of our specialised analyses and tailored bioprocessing solutions.

This internship will involve the intern working with key members of the Celignis team in the different analysis that are carried in our lab. In this analysis, various instruments can be used, such items may include: chromatography equipment, plasma optical spectometry, bomb calorimetry, TGA, NIR scan, UV-VIS...

Other activities where the intern can participate might include: Eluent/dilution preparation, sample pre-treatment and preparation, data processing, equipment maintenace & troubleshooting...


We believe that the outputs of this internship will help in the development of technologies to improve the efficiencies and economics of bioecomomy technologies and processes, potentially helping to advance this sector in Ireland and around the world.

Please note that we are not able to provide any financial support for this internship. However, we are looking for someone who, at the end of the internship, can be employed by Celignis for the long-term. This position will have an attractive salary. This employment will occur if the intern performs excellently during the internship period.


No financial compensation


Lab technician, analytical chemistry  
English: Independent User B2
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