Chemist intern

Engineering and/or Technology, Medical Sciences, Natural Sciences
United Kingdom
28 Aug, 2019 to 28 Nov, 2019
7 Oct, 2019

General information

2 months
3-4 days per week

NDB, Inc. is a company that was established for the development and manufacturing of Nuclear Diamond Battery (NDB), a type of battery that is made from recycled nuclear waste that has a tremendously long battery life (several thousand years). A perpetual and green battery solution that could benefit a wide range of applications such as Space Electronics, Military, Medical, Internet of Things (IoT), Nuclear Plant, Automotive, Aviation, Consumer electronics and many more. NDB, Inc. sees this technology as a means of creating a cleaner and greener future where innovation and environment could coexist.

The duration of the internship is flexible (2 months minimum, longer periods preferred)

A full time, on-site chemist is expected, where his or her responsibility is to develop, and test materials researched under NDB. Predominantly, the chemist will be an active part of the NDB project, where he or she will offer expertise with nano-materials.

However other projects that could benefit from his or her expertise will also be placed under their care. Ideally, our chemist should have prior experience in the nanoscience industry with a network of peers in the field as well as have excellent communication skills to share and develop their ideas with others in his or her team. We would also like them to have a working knowledge of the safe handling of materials and hazardous chemicals.

In particular, we are looking for applicants with experience in polymer science and electrochemistry. Although not mandatory chemists should preferably have some experience with cleanroom protocols, modelling and Matlab (or equivalent).


We offer:

  • Great location to learn and build up experience from local start up community, infrastructure, and network
  • Great location for work/life balance. The office is situated in the center of the city (access to restaurants, places for entertainment, parks, lake)
  • Professional and intercultural experience in innovation, crowdfunding
  • Dynamic work environment 
  • Flexible hours/work time
  • Incorporate your ideas & creativity into real-life projects 
  • Your work will make a difference and will be recognized inside and outside the company
  • Friendly international team

Please note before applying to this internship:

  • An internship is an opportunity to experience and perform within a job role/function within an operating company 
  • The internship is unpaid and you will need to apply for an Erasmus grant/scholarship in order to participate 
  • You should be able to communicate in English, hence, you will be able to enhance your business fluency
  • We provide focus and enhance highly motivated individuals to a higher level of performance, we may provide more advanced preparation for higher roles profiles
  • You are eligible to conduct internship in UK
No financial compensation
Years of Experience required: 


chemistry  biomedical engineering  erasmus internship  London  

Additional Information

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