Chemistry Lab/Teachers Assistant

Education and/or Teacher Training, Medical Sciences, Natural Sciences
Czech Republic
10 Jan, 2021 to 31 Dec, 2021
10 Jan, 2021

General information

3 months

We are looking for a passionate person in chemistry and would be interested to share knowledge with students of 15-19 years old. We are looking for committed person to join our big team of Chemistry teachers and bring some new ideas to students.

We could offer you an internship of 3-4 month duration. It could start from February 2020. It could be during winter/spring/autumn period. We cannot offer summer period as we do not have many activities going on.

Possible main responsibilities:

  • Assisting in school laboratory work
  • Assist chemistry teacher in the class / online teaching
  • Join some chemistry projects
  • Possibility to join Road Show, when we present experiments and inspire kids to become scientists
  • Depending on your interest we could find some appropriate tasks as well

You will be working in a team with colleagues at school, so it might be that you will have several mentors/supervisors depending on the tasks. Mainly your supervisors would be Chemistry teachers.

We would consider your application by evaluating your skills/knowledge/attitude:

  • Teamwork
  • Experience in working in chemistry lab
  • Communication
  • Creative mindset
  • Open for learning new things
  • Quick learner
  • Would be open to work with our students (teaching/guiding in labs/class)
  • English language at least B2 level


Chemistry is like magic! If you agree – we would like to invite you to share this inspiration with our students!

No financial compensation
Years of Experience required: 


Chemistry  Teaching (offline/online)  Laboratory  

Additional Information

Some part of our school teachers are good in English language. We have 2 foreigners who are working in the school: from California and Lithuania. School is really active in international projects and implements different international activities. It has focus to further development and open for creative mindsets. So we can create an environment to develop your personal and professional skills. School is also active in supporting sports and discovering nature. There are many activities to join (depending on the interest and time of the year). School has modern Chemistry laboratories and cooperate with main organisations in the region that are important in Chemistry industry. Also school belongs to national and international networks that promote Chemistry.
English: Independent User B2
Level of Studies: 
Experience in working in Chemistry lab
Would be open to work with our students (teaching/guiding in labs/class/online)
Open for learning new things
Problem solving
Quick learner
English language at least B2 level
Creative mindset