Clinical research or use case report: game-driven respiratory physiotherapy in a clinical or home setting

Medical Sciences
2 May, 2023 to 29 Jul, 2023
7 Apr, 2023

General information

3 months

Interns will perform clinical research or use case report in Slovenia and publish their findings in conference proceedings or peer review medical literature. Target group can be pulmonary diseases/rehabilitation, speech therapy, anxiety disorders, or panic attacks. How does it work? Breathing Labs provides ethics committee approval, patients recruitment, measuring equipment. Additionally Breathing Labs covers all costs of conferences, publication fees for science articles. Published articles or conference proceedings are entered into the scholar library system in such a way that researcher gains high scores for successful research or pedagogic habilitation. Researcher retains all moral rights of his work. There is no financial award for research work. How to apply: Learn more about this research:  

Clinical research / case study examples

A Comparative Study of Smartphone Game with Spirometry for Pulmonary Function Assessment in Stroke Patients:

The Effects of Game-Based Breathing Exercise on Pulmonary Function in Stroke Patients: A Preliminary Study:

A Breathing Controlled Multimedia Player for Reducing Breathing Rate, before-after with active control:

Life Tree: Understanding the Design of Breathing Exercise Games:

The Effect of Different Virtual Reality-Based Exercise Trainings on Pulmonary Function, Respiratory and Peripheral Muscle Strength, Functional Capacity and Balance in Children With Bronchiectasis (in progress):

Respiratory Physiotherapy in a Web Browser, Feasibility Study:

Short-term cued visual stimuli recall in relation to breathing phase in healthy adults:

Low latency breathing frequency detection and monitoring on a personal computer:


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