Collaborator of the Interdisciplinary Dialogue (Actor, director, performer, designer, producer, manager)

Art and Design
4 Feb, 2024 to 2 Mar, 2025
30 Jan, 2024

General information

2 months

ETFI (European Theatre and Film Institute)  became the coordinator of the Interdisciplinary Dialogue, a European Commission-supported project that brings together five universities of the arts from Europe and Oceania, as well as 10 associated partners from all over Europe. 

From June 2022 ETFI represents Belgium in The “European Theatre platform for supporting emerging artists cooperation and resilience” (Theatre in Palm) acting as an incubator for new voices from the page to the stage with main emphasis on their professional development and enhancement of their cooperation with artists and artist organisations from other platform countries.

As an Erasmus+ Transit On Stage partner, ETFI supports the LifeLong Learning program for adults.  Thus, under the auspices of these projects, ETFI reaches 30,000 art and design professionals, university professors and theatre, music, film artists.

We are looking for artistic collaborators who will help us develop Interdisciplinary Dialogue, participate in new project modules such as DA (Dancing Actor), iAM Acting Musician, Actor Designer, not only as students, but also as active team members contributing to the development of performances created using the Interdisciplinary Dialogue methodology .
They also help spread the project, find new funds to continue the project, and transfer the acquired knowledge to young people.


The main mission of the Interdisciplinary dialogue project is to inspire students and professors in HEI studying or teaching theatre and film to build an international community within the sector and aspire to learn from each other's cultures. People will participate in the Interdisciplinary Dialogue because it encourages students and teachers to collaborate beyond borders to bring theatre and film combined in a sustainable, innovative and environmentally friendly tangible format in the shape of three project results. 


Interdisciplinary Dialogue aims at cultivating the cross-disciplinary competencies of its attendees. (What?) Its future-oriented perspective allows it to foresee the prospective dynamics and calls of the labour market. (Why?) For this, it uses a sui generis methodology and provides elements of cooperative learning. (How?)


A bridge between cultures, openness to the unknown, new ways of teaching and learning, connecting through our art… Those are some of the things that the international project Interdisciplinary Dialogue offers to its participants, a new way of breaking cultural barriers and exchanging new artistic methods with the objective of gaining experience for the future European environment in all artistic disciplines.



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