Content creator/event and community manager

Art and Design, Business Studies and/or Management Science, Communication and Information Sciences
1 Apr, 2024 to 1 Jul, 2024
31 Mar, 2024

General information

3 months
3-4 days per week

!!! Internship starting from end of March/beginning of April for 4 months! Artists, designers and graphic designers are very welcomed to apply! Cultivating Creativity in the Heart of Porto!

Are you passionate about art, craft and design? Do you have some skills in content creation, event management, and business development? Here at MACS (Multidisciplinary Arts and Crafts Space), we value creativity, innovation, and collaboration, offering interns a unique opportunity to explore their talents and contribute to our vibrant community. 

Internship Description: As an intern at MACS+, you will have the chance to experimenting with various artistic mediums to collaborating on cross-disciplinary projects, you'll be an integral part of our creative community. Your tasks may include assisting workshops, facilitating collaborative projects, assisting visiting artists, engaging content across social platforms, funding programs applications, organizing community engagement events and contributing to the overall ambiance of artistic freedom and expression at MACS.


  • Passion for Arts and Crafts: Genuine enthusiasm for various artistic mediums, some knowledge about ceramics.
  • Collaborative Spirit: Ability to work harmoniously in a diverse and multicultural creative environment.
  • Content Creation: Strong writing and multimedia skills to create compelling content for online platforms and marketing materials.
  • Event Management: Organizational prowess to plan, coordinate, and execute events, ensuring seamless experiences for attendees.
  • Business Development: Entrepreneurial mindset, capable of identifying growth opportunities and implementing strategic initiatives.
  • Creative Expression: Willingness to explore your own creativity and support others in their artistic journeys.
  • Communication Skills: Effective communication to connect with artists, visitors, and fellow interns.
  • Open-mindedness: Embracing different artistic styles, cultures, and perspectives.


What You Will Gain:

  • Cultural Exchange: Interact with international artists and designers, broadening your artistic horizons.
  • Hands-On Experience: Engage in ceramic coworking and workshops, collaborative projects, exhibitions and community projects, refining your craft skills.
  • Community Building: Contribute to a supportive community that values creativity, diversity, and mutual growth.
  • Mentorship: Learn from experienced artists and craft professionals, gaining insights into the industry.
  • Personal Growth: Explore your creative potential, gaining confidence in your artistic abilities.
  • Artistic Networking: Build connections with artists, artisans, and craft enthusiasts, expanding your creative circle.


Perks and Benefits:

  • Inspiring Workspace: Immerse yourself in a dynamic environment designed to inspire creativity and innovation.
  • Flexible Schedule: Enjoy the flexibility of part-time or full-time internships, accommodating your learning journey.
  • Artistic Events: Attend exhibitions and creative sessions, gaining exposure to the wider art community.
  • Creative Freedom: Express your ideas, collaborate on projects, and contribute to the artistic direction of MACS.
  • Guidance and Mentorship: Receive guidance from experienced artists and artisans, nurturing your creative growth.


At MACS, we believe in the transformative power of creativity. Join us in this multicultural, multidisciplinary space and discover the boundless possibilities of artistic expression. Unleash your creativity, inspire others, and be part of a community where artistic dreams flourish. Come, explore, and create at MACS!

No financial compensation
English: Independent User B2