Content & SEO

Art and Design, Business Studies and/or Management Science, Engineering and/or Technology
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
15 Jul, 2024 to 15 Jan, 2025
1 Aug, 2024

General information

6 months


We are looking for a internship dedicated to Content and SEO. Someone who is interested in learning more in the field from a professional perspective, open to improvements and insights from an international team that works in various areas of marketing.
The candidate will be a person with a basic knowledge of online positioning with SEO, basic knowledge of Wordpress and Semrush. A person who is interested in growing professionally, respectful of the work of the rest of the team and encourages teamwork.
The candidate will create content for websites and develop in the duration of their internship strategic knowledge for the growth of online presence.

If you believe in time flexibility, if you believe that it is much better to work with your productivity than to waste time looking at the screen in a boring 9 to 5 office, if you love to use the latest technologies to achieve your goals, if you are committed to your goals and take responsibility with awareness and professionalism. ... then you are a Digital Bird.

Area of development (Host support)


Content creation

Growth Hacking


Tasks to do during the exchange

SEO for Agency’s clients and Agency's website

Creating contents and improvements for online positioning

Being updated about trends and strategies in order to improve skills


Tools that we will use (not all of them are needed)

Wordpress, Semrush, Chapgpt, Google Drive


Languages needed

Italian (use of translators)
Spanish (use of translators)


Program period

3-6 months



Part-time (no specific hours or days required) 20h/week

Collaboration will take place in coworking spaces and online, tasks and duties will be completed following the Agency Task Manager and are based on weekly goals.

Weekly meetings, to check goals and improve our skills, can be done in fixed days or flexible ones.
Days off can be set according to the projects and personal agenda.


mail: [email protected]

No financial compensation


Part-time (no specific hours or days required) 20h/week  
English: Independent User B2