DaF Lehrer/ in a School in Sevilla, Spain

Education and/or Teacher Training, Languages and Philological Sciences
1 Oct, 2019 to 31 May, 2020
15 Sep, 2019

General information

9 months

Teach German in a school in Spain: vacancies in Sevilla! Are you a recent graduate looking for a valuable professional experience in Spain? Receive a monthly pay, certified teaching related training, valuable experience in a school, ongoing in-country support, and the opportunity to explore a country. After the first few days at school, participants will be asked to use their own initiative, find resources and prepare their own engaging and fun activities or games.

Important Dates


Desirable candidate profile

  • Native-level German speaker
  • Recent university graduates (obtained after 2015)
  • No previous teaching experience needed (but valued)
  • Someone who enjoys working with children and/or young people
  • Energetic and creative
  • Competence in the Spanish language is not required
  • No criminal records
  • Intermediate English skills (B2)

Selected candidate will

  • Receive a monthly pay between 1,056€ - 1,116€ per month (24 teaching hours/week)
  • Join a Spanish school to cooperate as a German language assistant with 24 teaching hours per week, starting in October 1st 2019 until May 31st 2020, with the same holidays as the school.
  • Get initial training and teacher workshops.
  • Receive foreign languages-teaching related certified course, given by a Spanish university (paid by the programme).
  • Paid school holidays (except for the summer period).
  • Get help with the process and opening a bank account.
  • Have ongoing in-country support from the school’s designated Tutor and from Meddeas.
  • Receive a certificate of completion at the end of the programme.
  • Enjoy paid school holidays (except for summer period).
  • Schools are located in Espartinas, Sevilla
  • Teach Primary and/or Secondary school students (aged 5 – 18).
  • Full cover to the National Health insurance. 
  • No fees attached


Financial compensation
Health Insurance


intercultural skills, cultural awareness, creativity, language skills, team working, public speaking, patience, maturity, autonomy  
English: Independent User B1
German: Proficient User C2