Data Scientist/AI Scientist

Engineering and/or Technology, Mathematics and/or Informatics
1 Nov, 2021 to 1 May, 2022
15 Oct, 2021

General information

6 months



At Esoft Tech. - We have an entire team working to improve/expand our business using Artificial Intelligence.  


Our DNN will process more than 10 million images per year and is based on state-of-art techniques.  

We are excited about bilateral filtering, super resolution, color spaces and similar topics, and have incorporated/considered these methods into our approach, which is in essence a deep U-Net architecture with some novel methods developed in-house.  

We are on a great track, with lots of available data in high quality and many interesting challenges. Soon we will begin working on further image enhancement techniques. To be successful we need to explore methods for segmentation, context-aware replacement, and possibly multi-stage solutions, where parts of the image is processed independently and then later merged in a global AI step. 

In our mind, humans and AI should work together – or put another way, we wish to empower people with our AI solutions, not replace them. 


If you find these tasks interesting and have a background in Computer Science and have worked with Computer Vision at a preferred PhD level, then do reach out! 


We just release our AI/Tech. microsite - just a starting hub on our journey of explaining more about what we are doing on the AI part 


AI Capabilities: 

-      Skilled Data Scientist (computer vision) at PhD level or top of the class Master student

-      Worked with DNN, best also worked in the field CNN´s 

-      Help industrialize our services even further 

-      Wants to work on the building process together with other teammates and in close collaboration with our Photo experts in Hanoi, Vietnam.  


Have experience working with state-of-the art models within the areas of GANs, CNNs, and Segmentation. 


Financial compensation

Additional Information (Corporate website) Please ping me for more detailed information!
English: Proficient User C2
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