DEVELOPMENT AND GROWTH STRATEGY OF MAD’IN EUROPE. Our mission : enhance European Cultural Heritage professions as an asset for European social cohesion, economic development and cultural identity.

Business Studies and/or Management Science, Communication and Information Sciences, Languages and Philological Sciences
20 Oct, 2020 to 30 Jun, 2021
31 Jan, 2021

General information

4 months

Company short introduction.  Mad’in Europe is a small company based in Brussels supporting European professions in cultural Heritage (restoration-conservation, fine and traditional crafts) as an asset for European Economy, Culture and Identity.  Our aim is to use innovative tools and solutions to bring growth and position these professions as a valid option and business opportunity for next generations. Our main actions are:

  • Connect European professionals in fine/traditional crafts and restorers of cultural heritage with an international audience of private consumers, architects, retailers, designers, interior designers, historic houses owners, and other professionals.  
  • Raise awareness among the public about the value of crafts in culture, economy, and society.
  • Support transmission of know-how, capacity building and mobility in the sector;
  • Develop a large network of collaborations with other European stakeholders (Historic Houses associations, Foundations, Architects, members of the World Crafts Council Europe and the Heritage Alliance 3.3, European, Commision) to develop synergies, merge resources and get fundings. 

Internship proposal.  The intern will work with Mad’in Europe’s manager, Madina Benvenuti. Interns are required to be multitask and are directly involved in the economic growth strategy of Mad’in Europe, in the relationship with professionals and other stakeholders.  He/she will be required to demonstrate personal commitment, creativity, curiosity and possess marketing knowledge and excellent communication skills.

Considering COVID related restrictions, the internship can be organized in remote, which requires even more motivation, commitment, and organisational skills from the students.

The internship  location is Brussels.  Mad’in Europe cannot pay for internships. Therefore, for non remote internship, when possible,, student are invited to apply for Erasmus + programs to cover their mobility fees.

Description of the tasks in which interns will be involved

Mad’in Europe objective for the next year is to find solutions to scale-up from its actual size. Students will work at the development and implementation of the growth strategy.  

According to his/her skills, interns will be involved in some of the following actions: 

  • Develop sales by recruiting new highly qualified paying members for the portal (craftsmen all over Europe, craftsmen association…);
  • Social media strategy  - community management
  • Participation to European calls (ie Erasmus KA 226, Creative Europe…) for funding (a project is planned to be submitted in March with 5 European partners.
  • Elaborate and explore seed & early stage funding opportunities (Angels, seed VC, Fundraising – Crowdfunding, new shareholders… 
  • Organisation of events related to the sector (workshops,..)
  • Research new business opportunities involving existing and new stakeholders;
  • Benchmark best practices and tailor the marketing strategy to create added value for the company and for makers;
  • Contribute to enrich the content of the portal (editorials, interviews of craftsmen, technical information on specific crafts…). Content can be either written internally or by our partners;


  • Interest for the cultural Heritage Business Sector;
  • Entrepreneurial mindset, organisation ;
  • Finance and Economics knowledge;
  • Skills in communication, marketing & media;
  • Perfect writing skills (articles, presentations…);
  • Autonomy, dynamism, creativity, team spirit, open-minded approach;
  • Interest for a “micro business” company development.

LANGUAGES REQUIREMENTS:  Perfect written and spoken English is mandatory; One other language among these, Italian, French and Spanish, is also required. 

EXPECTED RESULTS The trainee will define reasonable objectives according to his/her capacities, internship time and company priorities, will fix milestones and focus on their achievements.

IT & AND COMPUTER SKILLS: Office Pack, Mailchimp, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, (CMS is welcome);

No financial compensation


flexible hours are possible  
English: Proficient User C1
At least 2 languages among the above mentioned are required