DevOps Trainee

Engineering and/or Technology, Mathematics and/or Informatics
1 Sep, 2020 to 28 Feb, 2021
31 Aug, 2020

General information

6 months


- Please note that Applicants need to be elgible for Erasmus+ Traineeship- 

VisionSpace is a space-focused software development company, currently involved in a variety of interesting projects in close collaboration with the European Space Agency.

Due to that, the need for having a good infrastructure to build, develop, test and release of new software is essential. VisionSpace foresees that such can be achieved with DevOps practices and processes, allowing the company to keep growing.

One of the projects in the VisionSpace pipeline is based on EGS-CC, a European initiative to develop a common framework for mission control systems both for ground equipment and spacecraft that aims to become the future of the ground segment in Europe. It is a modular system that allows space missions to adapt and tailor it as needed while maintaining interoperability with other systems. As it approaches its final stages of development, there are new opportunities to extend its basic core to support new missions and functionalities.

In this project, you will have a chance to work with a talented team of professionals, performing tasks to speed up and automate the aspects of the processes of developing, testing and releasing of software. Security checks and code analysis will also be in the pipeline, allowing a continuous delivery of software and software updates. 

Within this project, you will learn how mission control systems on ground communicate with spacecraft to receive and process incoming telemetry and send commands to space. You will also have the opportunity to understand how to install and configure a mission control system and perform validation tests on the ground.

This internship will run in parallel with the ongoing development activities, and it is not in its critical path. Nevertheless, some optimization ideas may be included in the final product. We are looking for someone who sees in DevOps practices, the way to optimize processes that will ease the work of the team. Moreover, VisionSpace is looking for someone with knowledge of containerization and orchestration tools such as Docker and Kubernetes, since to the infrastructure of the project is based on these technologies. 

Application Deadline is 31st of August.  We will start the selection process after this date.

Financial compensation
Years of Experience required: 


Space Engineering  

Additional Information

Germany's Career objective
English: Independent User B1
Level of Studies: 
Good knowledge of Docker and Kubernetes
Awareness of DevOps and Agile practices
Good knowledge of Java and Maven
Good problem-solving skills
Comfortable using Linux
Follow good practices to deliver quality code
Perform assigned tasks within the project timeline
Passion for exploring new technologies
Ability to Learn, Develop & Think outside of the box
Flexible & Dynamic
Team player