Dog Training

Education and/or Teacher Training, Medical Sciences, Natural Sciences
1 Apr, 2020 to 1 Oct, 2020
20 Mar, 2020

General information

6 months

The Veterinary Hospital of Laranjeiras. located in the centre of Lisbon, is a 24h hospital with a team dedicated to the personalized care of pets, providing medical and surgical care, grooming, pet shop and dog training. The Veterinary Hospital of Laranjeiras is a reference hospital in medicine, surgery and complementary diagnostic tests. We’re looking for a motivated dog trainer to help our clients with their pets behaviour issues.

The focus off this job is dog training, and he will work with pet owners as part of the Hospital Veterinário das Laranjeiras team. He will also help the hospital staff assisting the doctor’s team / grooming team and doing other functions in the Hospital when necessary or when there is no training.

The Internship assumes that the internee has some education/courses on pet training, covering subjects such as motivation, the importance of good working behaviour with the dog, how to improve the connection / focus with the owner.

The internee has to know how to use the clicker (or alternative methods), ways to reward the dog, how to motivate the dog to work with pleasure, planning training sessions, types of learning, tricks and tips to dog behaviours, Tricks for dogs / advantages of teaching dog ​​tricks

Has to like pets and be able to creative a nice empathic feeling with pet owners and pets.

No financial compensation
English: Independent User B2
Level of Studies: 
Short cycle or equivalent