English language tutor and event manager

Communication and Information Sciences, Education and/or Teacher Training, Languages and Philological Sciences
27 Aug, 2023 to 31 May, 2024
5 Feb, 2023

General information

10 months
3-4 days per week


Warning: we only recruit English native speakers or students who have a C2 level in English. Please do not send your application if you do not correspond to this profile.


Description: Supervised in French, this internship will aim at:

  • tutoring students who come to study languages on their own in their spare time at the Language Resource Centre of Paul Sabatier University (Toulouse, France)

  • organizing events and activities (conversation workshops, international students welcome parties, games club, debating club, talks in foreign languages...) for university students and staff

  • advertising these events

  • designing and posting material online for students to study in autonomy

  • interacting with students on Moodle pages, preparing Moodle test questions and reviewing activity reports

Place: Language Resource Centre, Paul Sabatier University in Toulouse. This year our tutors are all working on site, both at the CRL and at the library of the Medical School. However, if the context of the Covid-19 sanitary crisis worsens and does not allow you to work on site, you will have the possibility to work remotely (by running conversation workshops on zoom) for as long as necessary.   

Period: from end of August to end of December 2023 and from beginning of January 2024 to early June 2024. Preference will be given to application for the whole year (August 2023 to June 2024).

Deadline to apply:  February 5th 2023 (but we review applications when we receive them and we hope to recruit our tutors before then). Your university will need to sign the internship agreement before the beginning of the internship.

Funding: You will earn 4.05 euros per hour (total amount for a full month with 25 hours per week: about 405 euros). In addition, and depending on your country of citizenship, you have the possibility to receive an ERASMUS or Türing grant from your home university (usually about 400 euros per month). Please contact the International Relations Office of your home university for more information. You can also apply for student accommodation (rent for the cheapest room: 270 euros per month) and for housing benefits ("APL" (Aide Personnalisée au Logement) about 80 euros per month). Half of the transportation costs are refunded.

Application: Send a detailed CV and a cover letter in English to [email protected]

Information about the Language Resource Centre

The intern will work at the Language Resource Centre, a room located near the department of languages of Paul Sabatier University. Paul Sabatier University is specialized in sciences but our students have English classes as most of them will need to use English in their future professional careers if they work as technicians, engineers or researchers. Some of the students who already have a B2 level in English study Spanish or German instead. There are also French classes for foreign students.

 The Language Resource Centre is equipped with computers, TV sets, DVD players and furnished with tables, chairs but also armchairs and bookcases containing magazines, novels, resources to prepare for certification tests (TOEIC, TOEFL, Linguaskill...)

  • Language skills: as most students are French native speakers and study English, it is essential to be an English native speaker but also to have basic communication skills in French. A good command of other languages would be a plus.

  • Tutoring skills: some experience or qualification in language teaching would be appreciated.

  • Digital skills: some experience in event management and social media management would be useful. The intern will have to use communication tools such as Facebook, Instagram and Moodle.

Financial compensation
Transportation costs

Additional Information

The intern must speak English with the students. However we understand our tutors come to France to practise their French so we try to give them opportunities to speak French when they are not tutoring our students. Unless the tutors ask us to do otherwise, the internship is supervised in French; they also speak French with the secretary (who is permanently at the Language Resource Centre with them), write emails in French and get feedback on their French from language teachers. They can attend science classes and conferences in French. They can apply for accommodation on campus. Tutoring French students who have about the same age enables them to meet local students they can speak with in French outside the Language Resource Centre. The intern will also have the opportunity to attend language classes (languages available: French, German, Spanish).
English: Proficient User C2