English teacher assistant

Education and/or Teacher Training
15 Sep, 2020 to 15 Mar, 2021
15 Jun, 2020

General information

6 months
3-4 days per week

We are a French primary school looking for a European language assistant. We are 9 teachers interested in setting up innovative linguistic projects with the collaboration of an ERASMUS+ Grant assistant.

As a language assistant you should:

-have at least level B2 in English and at least A2/B1 in french

 - be a person committed to the teaching-learning process (co-teaching and team working).

- Show willingness to develop daily work and relationship with children aged between 3 and 10

- be creative, enthusiastic, responsible, full of ideas, energetic and communicative

We already hosted language-assistants in the past and it was a great success for our pupils and for our team. We sincerely hope to find somebody to work with us and exchange skills and experiences! 

We live in a nice region near Lyon, a rich cultural city...Not so far away from the south of France...

We are able to help our assistant in finding an accommodation.

Financial compensation

Additional Information

Duration:  3 or 6 months according to student availability Commitment:  Full-time (Wednesday free) 24h/a week Our School is looking for an Erasmus+ EU Grant student to work as an English teacher assistant with at least a level B2 in English. We are also looking for somebody who can speak French (level A2-B1 minimum in order to be able to communicate with our pupils) In accordance with his/her skills our assistant might have to collaborate with us for other projects such as art, dance, music, sport.... During his/her work placement the intern student will be expected to: -conduct English courses and his/her native language -give pupils an insight into the way of life in his/her country -assist teachers in their regular teaching activities (using French language) -participate in school events We are expecting for a cultural exchange between us and our assistant. We hope that the assistant will improve his /her French and skills as well as we will improve our teaching practice. Our assistant will always be accompanied by the responsible teaching staff he is supporting. Lunch will be free of charge (school canteen).
English: Independent User B2
Level of Studies: 
French. A2 at least