Erasmus internship on the genetic characterization of reproductive traits in grapevine

Agriculture Sciences, Natural Sciences
1 Apr, 2021 to 30 Nov, 2021
30 Sep, 2020

General information

8 months

One of the interests of the Grapevine Genetics and Genomics research group at the Institute of Grapevine and Wine Sciences (ICVV, Spain) is the study of the genetic mechanisms responsible for the reproductive development of the vine, focused on characters with impact on the production and quality of grapes and wine. Our approach is based on exploring, characterizing and using the natural genetic variation that exists in grapevine and in developing and using genetic and genomic tools that allow uncovering the genetic and molecular basis of the observed phenotypic variation.
The traits of agronomic interest in which we are currently working include the architecture and compactness of the bunch, flowering and fruit set, berry color the presence of seeds in the berry (parthenocarpy). The objective of this line is to search for genes and genetic polymorphisms responsible for the natural variation for these characters using available genetic resources and tools such as NGS, transcriptomics, genomics, QTLs analysis and genetic association.
We are looking for a highly motivated intern with some background in natural sciences (Biology, Agronomy, Food Sciences) interested in viticulture and enology. The selected intern will participate in the study of any of the traits described above agreed between the intern and the tutor, and depending on the on-going work. The tasks may include phenotyping of grapevine reproductive traits, nucleic acid purification, genotyping using molecular markers  (SSR and SNP), analyses of genetic segregation and the use of genomic tools in genetic analyses (re-sequencing and RNASeq).
The intern will join the friendly atmosphere of our stimulating group to collaborate in experiments set up, field and laboratory work, data analysis and interpretation.

No financial compensation
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DNA  Genetics  Genomics  Grapevin   Reproductive traits  

Additional Information

Please, contact Javier Ibáñez for additional information: [email protected]
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