Erasmus plus Aeronautical / IOT/ Industrial/Mechanical/computing engineering internship everywhere in Europe

Architecture and/or Urban and Regional Planning, Business Studies and/or Management Science
All Cities, Remote Also
Atenas, Remoto Also
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5 May, 2021 to 9 Sep, 2021
6 Jun, 2021

General information

5 months


At Engineering Group, we collect, process and analyze spatial and aerial data with a focus on the critical infrastructure sector. Engineering Group is a geospatial information technology company with core expertise in space, aerial and drone remote sensing, cloud platforms, and machine learning (ML) systems. Key geospatial services include image processing, photogrammetry, LiDAR, and highly automated machine learning workflows.


We believe in bringing our own company beliefs of innovation, value, clarity and ambition into every engagement, so our clients can overcome their modern-day IT challenges.


Process, Validation & GMP Engineering

Our team of process engineers bring with them a wealth of experience across multiple pharmaceutical and bio-pharmaceutical installations. We have extensive experience and expertise in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical devices and healthcare sectors.



Mechanical, Piping and HVAC Engineering

Our Building Services Design team has a strong focus on passive design using renewable energy combined with the very best of current technology in the active management of heating and ventilation systems.


Electrical Engineering & Controls

The electrical engineering team has a wealth of experience in the design and commissioning of electrical power systems, from HV power distribution and transmission through to MV, LV and ELV systems


Project and Construction Management

Planning, organising, and managing resources to maximise efficiency and minimise costs at the design and construction phase, our project management facilities are at the very core of our ethos to provide a high quality, professional, competitive & personalised service to our clients.


PSDP, PSCS, EHS and BCAR Services

Risk identification and prevention or mitigation are essential elements in overall risk analysis, and projects that are developed with these considerations from their inception will likely achieve industry leading safety statistics through to handover



Consulting Engineering

Our experience and knowledge accumulated over many projects stands alongside tried and tested systems and procedures.  We have developed a robust approach to equipment and subcontract procurement



We accept interns all year long onwards for a period of 3 to 12 months, just tell us the dates that suit you the best.

The main language is English, speaking Spanish or another language is a big plus but not mandatory.


The start date and duration of the internship can be adapted to the students needs. 

You can also perform a remote internship. 

To apply you must send us an email with your cv to:


[email protected]

Whatsapp + 34 727 780 296 






No financial compensation