French and English Language Teacher Assistant. Torre Vicens School.

Education and/or Teacher Training
19 Sep, 2021 to 22 Dec, 2021
29 Apr, 2021

General information

3 months
3-4 days per week

TorreVicens School is seeking to recruit an French and/or English Language and Cultural teacher to work during part of academic year 2020/2021.  

If you are thinking about a year abroad in Catalonia, Spain and are interested in a teaching career, at Torre Vicens School (Lleida), we offer you the opportunity to come to our school for your Erasmus+ placement. 

Our school is a reference in terms of participation in European programs of foreign languages, and other programs of the Department of Education of Catalonia.

You will be working as an French and English Language teacher assistant in Secondary or Vocational levels (for students aged from 12-20 and teachers). The language assistant works around 15 per week working directly with students, some hours of preparation time and to meet with your tutor. 1 or 2 days off.

We could also offer an internship online, where you will do online language classes to our students.

The length of the stay can be from 10 weeks to 9 months, within the school calendar September 2021 to 22th June 2022

We are looking for a candidate with a passion for teaching, languages and teaching. Candidates should have an excellent command of French (C1 or native) and English, (C1 or native) in European Framework.

We require enthusiastic and dynamic attitudes to motivate our students in their learning process. You will directly teach students and teachers with zero or low level of French and prepare our future Erasmus+ students (that they will do an internship in France during this school year). 

You will be an English teacher assistant, too. You will support our foreign language teachers in their lessons and will also contribute to cross curricular work in collaboration with other subject areas (Science, Arts, Maths). No previous teaching experience is required, as you will be assisting a main teacher in the classroom. At the secondary school level, your work will consist mostly of preparing and executing activities that focus on language (speaking skills and aural comprehension). Realization of Role-Play activities and other oral activities with the students. Help in carrying out activities and projects with CLIL methodology, involvement in the Erasmus+ projects, Participation in other activities and school outings.

We offer:

  • Help in seeking for an accommodation.
  • Make a tourist visit and give information about City activities
  • Manage your Erasmus+ grant
  • Support with the paperwork
  • Certify your language teaching activity

Non-financial compensation. Students should apply for an Erasmus+ grant in his/her University.

In our school, we offer refresher class to our students. Depending on our extra-curricular classes demand, we could offer you paid French and English classes during the afternoon (they will not be included in your timetable) and help to find private classes, too.

We are looking forward to hearing from you. If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please send you CV and cover letter to Marc Batlle [email protected]

Compensation: No financial compensationLink:

No financial compensation


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