Front Office Internship at ESN Lisboa [Administrative + (Optional) PR & Events]

Business Studies and/or Management Science, Communication and Information Sciences, Social Sciences
1 Feb, 2022 to 30 Jun, 2022
31 Jan, 2022

General information

5 months

 Important Notice: We are looking for interns that would be available to work in the academic year of 2021/2022, starting in preference from Mid-End January/Beginning of February!

ESN Lisboa is a Non-Profit Student Organisation in Lisboa which handles the reception of Erasmus and Exchange Students in Lisboa, and we are looking for interns!


How to apply: Send an e-mail to [email protected], with a motivation letter where you state (at the top): the datesyou are available for the internship, and your interest/disinterest in the PR Option. Additionally, attach your CV (with picture) to the e-mail

Field of Study: There is no particular field of Study as a requirement, however experience in administration is a plus. Bachelor and/or master’s in administration or (for the optional PR & Events tasks) Communication/ PR/ Events Management is a plus.

Internship Duration: 6 months preferred (Semester Internship), a year internship also possible. Note: 2 months internships are only possible within the periods of mid-August until mid-October or mid-January until mid-March. Summer internships also available as long as they finish at October the earliest (mid-October prefered)

Compensation: There is no financial compensation given directly by ESN Lisboa, however the internship can be funded by the Erasmus+ Programme, proving there is a Learning Agreement accepted by the sending and receiving Institution, together with the Acceptation Letter. ESN Lisboa Interns have free access to some events as they are part of the team.

Preferred Periods of Internship: Mid-August to Mid-October |September - February | September - June | Mid-January to Mid-March | February - June |

Expected Number of Working Hours per week: 20 - 30 hours (Depends on the Learning Agreement or contract details)

Training and Internship Preparation: The intern will have a training provided by the secretary and/or the Human Resources manager about ESN structure, Office day to day tasks, management and PR & Events Strategy (Optional). The intern will then be integrated in the member’s community through teambuilding activities. The programme of the intern can be expanded for organizing events with the team members as soon as a positive evaluation from the work developed at the office comes. There will be a constant workload since the service provided to the students is consistent and daily.


General Description:

The Front Office interns will be the interface between the Erasmus and ESN Lisboa at our office while being always ambassadors to the association at any moment. The intern will help the association with its day-to-day Administrative/Logistic tasks and can optionally help in the organisation of events.

In the period of most movement (Welcome Weeks - mid-August until mid-October or mid-January until mid-March) the interns major duty will be to exclusively perform administrative tasks at the office and represent ESN in Welcome Days in the Universities or at Partners Events/Locales (Such as Study In Lisbon Lounge from Lisbon Municipality). There is a maximum flow of incoming students in that period therefore additional Human Resources for logistic/administrative work is required.

After the Welcome Weeks, as the flow of the students decreases, the interns can choose to join one/two events departments and focus the internship in the organisation of events thus performing the optional PR & Events part of the internship.

Interns are incentivised to choose departments and perform at least one of the optional tasks to improve the quality of the internship outcome.


Major duties and responsibilities:

  • Be an ESN Ambassador, representing the organization and its values;
  • Regular presence in ESN events is recommended;
  • Develop a strong and close relation with the Erasmus;
  • Interfaces with Erasmus students on a day-to-day basis to provide guidance and expert advice to them on issues they can encounter;
  • Communicating with people outside the organisation, representing the organisation to customers, the public, and other external sources;
  • Performing day-to-day administrative tasks such as maintaining information files and processing paperwork;
  • Maintaining the Office (cleaning, make inventories, assure there are office materials available and ask for more when needed, etc);
  • Preparing statistical reports, handling information requests, and performing clerical functions;
  • Monitoring and reviewing information from materials, events, or the environment, to detect or assess problems:
  • Providing guidance and expert advice to Erasmus students or other groups;
  • Developing constructive and cooperative working relationships with others;
  • Operates and coordinates the flow of information both internally and with other organisations using email and fax.
  • Promote and share ESN events on Erasmus Facebook groups;
  • Optional Task: Responsible for the group of ESN Lisboa Ambassadors:
    • Help recruiting Erasmus for the position of Ambassadors;
    • Develop activities and events with the Ambassadors (integration and team building events);
  • PR & Events Optional Tasks: The Intern can have the option of helping the Events Departments with necessary tasks regarding organisation, development and promotion of events.
  • PR & Events Optional Tasks: Motivated to develop new communication strategies regarding Night Life Events;
  • PR & Events Optional Tasks: Help the Events Departments with necessary tasks regarding development and promotion of events;



  • Excellent communication, social and public/customer handling skills;
  • Good interpersonal skills w/ proven abilities to communicate clearly and concisely both verbally and in writing;
  • Highly Responsible Person;
  • Must have the ability to work independently and as part of a team handling confidential information;
  • Plan and organise work requiring in-depth understanding, its strategic direction and ability to integrate the work and complete it within the time frame;
  • Identifying complex problems and reviewing related information to develop and evaluate options and implement solutions;
  • Ability to perform hard work in a fast-pace work environment;
  • High level of English (B2 is accepted, C1 or above is preferred).
    • Knowledge in Spanish, Italian, German, Polish or French is an advantage;
  • Good command of office software: Word, Outlook, Excel and Google office suite;
  • Ability to prioritize and meet deadlines while complying with established policies and procedures of the building and district;
  • Identifies and resolve problems in a timely manner, gathers and analyses information skilfully.
  • PR & Events Optional: Comfortable in an active social environment;
  • PR & Events Optional: Enjoying working in a night life ambience;


Be sure to check the "How to apply" section at the top. Good luck!


Compensation: No financial compensationLink: Erasmus Student Network Lisboa - ESN Lisboa | Students helping Students

No financial compensation


Front office  Administrative  ESN  Events  Public Relations  Lisboa  Portugal  Non Profit Organisation  
English: Proficient User C1
Level of Studies: 
Good Command of English (Spanish, Portuguese, Italian or French are a Plus)
Good Command of Office Software (Excel, Word, Google Suite)
Good Interpersonal & Social Skills
Easy to communicate with
Highly responsible person
Comfortable in an active social environment
Able to Work in a team as well as independently
Ease at public/customer handling