Full Stack Web Developer - Classroom | Teacher Support

Communication and Information Sciences, Engineering and/or Technology, Mathematics and/or Informatics
1 Mar, 2019 to 31 Mar, 2022
31 Jul, 2020

General information

6 months

Social Hackers Academy is a Non-Profit organisation based in Athens, Greece, where we deliver Full Stack Web Development courses to refugees and vulnerable groups, in order to help them get a job as developers in Greece and abroad.  

We’re looking for a passionate full-stack web developer, who wants to share their love for code in our school by supporting our students. There is no need to have prior teaching experience, all you need is the willingness to transmit your knowledge to our beneficiaries and help them learn how to write code.


Tasks & Responsibilities:

  1. Assist in the classes that take place every afternoon, 6-10 pm 

  2. Assist students, during or before the class, for questions they might have and in their assignments

  3. Provide feedback on the curriculum we teach and help to improve it

  4. Assist the Head of Education in the selection process of new students

  5. Provide support in the web applications we run as an organization (writing code, testing etc.


Students eligible to apply are:

  1. Passionate about coding and volunteering.

  2. Willing to improve communication & public speaking skills.

  3. Individuals who want to learn how to teach programming.

  4. Students who want to enlarge their knowledge in coding.

  5. Desirable but not mandatory knowledgeable in the modules we teach.


You can have a look at our curriculum here.
Our office/classroom is located in central Athens, in the beautiful “Romantso” building.


**Volunteer teacher is more than welcome to part-time support other SHA activities that would be individually agreed upon a person’s interests and skills (e.g. Basic Computer Skills Training, as a teacher).

No financial compensation
Years of Experience required: 
English: Proficient User C1
Level of Studies: