Fullstack Developer for the Global Green Leader Program

Communication and Information Sciences, Mathematics and/or Informatics
22 Apr, 2024 to 22 Jul, 2024
9 May, 2024

General information

3 months
2-3 days per week

Please note: This voluntary fully remote internship offered as part of the Global Green Leader Program organised by greentech.training. It is for someone who can start immediately. If you are seeking an internship for later in 2024, please apply within the 2 weeks of your desired start date. Please indicate in your cover email that you are able to start immediately on a remote basis. This may mean enquiring first with your university if remote internships are permitted in their charta. Due to the amount of applications recieved, please understand if we are unable to respond if you do not confirm this in your application email.


Are you: 

  • Looking for an internship where you can apply your Python and backend development skills to help mitigate the effects of climate change and reduce humanity’s carbon output

  • Interested in working with an international team of like-minded, future-focussed communicators, marketers, researchers, IT/AI developers and data scientists

  • Keen on improving your remote-work experience working while jointly preparing a service designed to support the renewable energy sector and biodiversity

  • Up for building something that you can be proud of now and in the future?

  • Wanting to build up a network of new contacts around the world that you can work with in the future?

Then get in touch.


Because we are looking for a highly engaged, motivated and talented Fullstack developer as part of a new venture focussed on incorporating AI into helping farmers end their reliance on synthetics.

Your tasks.

You will be creating the look of apps being developed to address specific socioenvironmental problems. You will be working with colleagues versed in AI, data science and software development to help you upskill as a team.

Why you now.

Ultimately, we will take on the person who has the desire and ability to actively support the green energy transition for the benefit of future generations. If that is you, make it clear in your outreach email to us. Also mention any experience you have working with Cloud Computing, R, Machine Learning and AI, with links to a portfolio desired.

Where you are based.

This is a fully remote (digital) opportunity, so you can work from anywhere at your own pace, starting immediately. You will find yourself a part of a brand new entity working towards addressing one of the most pressing issues facing us today: climate change and Earth care.


This is for an immediate start. The hours are up to you, but we suggest 15 per week so that you have sufficient time to contribute to and learn from your peers and managers.

What you’ll learn.

You will gain communications and partnership experience in a multinational team where English is the main language. You will be guided by an experienced sustainability consultant and python developer. You will also see what it takes to create a successful, customer-centric business with the input of others while developing your own professional autonomy and work ethic. Autonomous work is a key skill that will be required in the increasingly common world of remote service delivery.

You will also learn how to work ‘bottom up’, meaning you will be expected to make suggestions, present alternatives and define a clear work pattern that will support the whole team and initiative. If you work well, and engage regularly, you will be given new and more diverse task to rapidly expand your skillset while developing your English language skills. Other skills are:

  • Innovation Management Skills
  • Time and Resource Management Skills
  • International Development awareness 
  • Product design and launch experience
  • Marketing Skills

Lastly, you will also form a deeper understanding of the rapdily growing green energy market, how it works, and how it impacts the nexus of food, water and the biosphere, soft skills, research skills, and much more.


This is a three month tenure with the possibility of extension.


Contact Jerome at: [email protected] with your CV attached. Mention in your covering letter of less than 300 words that you can start right away.  

No financial compensation
Years of Experience required: 


Fullstack, IT, Developer, AI, Machine Learning, coding, website, application design, sustainability, regenerative agriculture  
English: Independent User B2
Level of Studies: