Games developer

Engineering and/or Technology
1 Jun, 2020 to 31 Dec, 2020
8 Jul, 2020

General information

6 months
  • Description of a workplace

We focus on project management, consulting services and public tenders assistance. We work along Europe with multinational projects in all phases (search for calls, development of application documents, creation of consortium, etc.). We solve specific problems of private companies and public administration through different sources: international staff, intelligent communication, automating communication processes, etc.

  • What are we looking for?   

Exceptionally ambitious, with strong problem-solving, critical thinking and able to take decisions self-driven the project.


  • Responsibilities and tasks

Plan and implement the project of the development of a game (managing budget, defining scope, goals and deliverables).

Monitor and report the project progress, present to stakeholders reports on progress as well as problems and solutions.

Define tasks and required resources. Collect and manage the project team, partners and other stakeholders.

Allocate project resources, create schedule and project timeline; track deliverables; support team and lead quality assurance

Monitor and report on project progress, present to stakeholders reports on progress as well as problems and solutions

Implement and manage change when necessary to meet project outputs, evaluate and assess the results of the project.


  • Required Skills


Write code to turn the designer’s concepts into a playable game.

Using application program interfaces (APIs) – a set of pre-built commands that allow different softwares to interact

Programming the game’s terrain - Programming artificial intelligence for non-player characters within the game

Key skills for video game developers such as creativity, passion for video games & wide-ranging knowledge of gaming trends

Strong analytical frame of mind, ability to work as part of a team and proficiency in programming languages, C# and C++

Being fully resourceful and being clear about his/her own abilities to ask for help when you think it is necessary.


  • Requirements


1. If possible, enrolled in any grant such as Erasmus+ or another one (this is not a paid internship).

2. Basic knowledge on marketing, economics, finance, project management, communications and public relations.


Personal qualities: Result-driven, capable of taking care of several projects at the same time and always full of new ideas. 

  • Academic training: Computer science or related subject. Able to program in UNITY and knowledge on Appis

  • Language: English (+ 1 other language is a plus)


  • What do we offer?

An environment to grow at a European level in contact with innovation, the possibility of having a discount of a room in one of our flats if it is available, and a shared car if it is available.

Duration of internship: As long as it is possible for an intern -  6 months if possible -

CONTACT: E-mail [email protected], [email protected] or Whatsapp +34 625 02 77 42

No financial compensation