German Language Assistant for teacher training centre

Education and/or Teacher Training, Languages and Philological Sciences
1 Oct, 2019 to 29 May, 2020
3 Dec, 2019

General information

3 months
2-3 days per week

The CARLEE is a teacher-training center for foreign language and CLIL teachers. We are looking for an intern who is either a native German speaker, or holds a C2 certificate in German. S/he would help teachers develop their oral skills, in different groups from B2 to C2, as well as provide training about the culture of German-speaking countries, educational system, etc. In exchange, we could offer a privileged insight into education and innovative methodologies, from a teacher training position, as well as provide fruitful contact with hundreds of schools. It's an ideal position for those who are passionate about education, researchers... Our training is aimed at all pre-University teachers (infants and primary teachers, secondary, adult education, foreign languages specialists...). One of our main priorities is German language training for teachers who will have to teach their subjects in German, as many schools in our area are implementing bilingual programmes in English. Our premises are located in Zaragoza, a friendly city which is just one hour and a half away from both Madrid and Barcelona by train, and close to the Pyrenees. The duration of the internship and the working hours could be flexible, to suit the intern's needs. (From 2 months to the whole school year). Our training takes place mostly in the afternoons, although not exclusively. 

Compensation: No financial compensation

No financial compensation
German: Proficient User C2
Spanish: Basic User A1
Level of Studies: