Graphic Design/Animation Storyteller to join in rocking the planet

Art and Design, Humanities, Social Sciences
16 Jan, 2023 to 30 Jun, 2023
11 Jan, 2023

General information

6 months

Are you looking for an internship, where you can find and drive purpose? Do you feel attracted or intrigued by the concepts of social business and entrepreneurship, creating a more just, inclusive society with a stable climate? Do you like working in a small, dynamic, and proactive start-up environment? 7 Billion Presidents are looking for people sharing these passions to join the team! If you think it is time to build a new, more beautiful world, we hereby invite you to consider applying :)  

Who are 7 Billion Presidents?  

A not-for-profit start-up that is changing the way we do business. We are an ambitious project (with a legal status of a foundation for the common good), set out to change the system by shifting money flow with every new product sold. 7 Billion Presidents’ vision is for Earth to have a stable climate that provides healthy air, water, and food for all by 2050. To achieve this we built an inclusive, regenerative economy by partnering with companies, where 100% of profit generated goes back into society by installing renewable energy and supporting regenerative and social projects (video explaining the economic model).  

About you 

You are proactive, ambitious, independent, like working in an international team. You like a challenge and would like to gain experience, broaden your knowledge while getting insight into a regenerative social start-up. Furthermore, you have a passion for doing your part in the world, creating a more just society.

What can you expect? Not a corporate spirit but an honest, direct, caring, friendly one. We are a flat organization with a start-up environment (read: it can get messy sometimes), where everyone has a lot of freedom as well as a lot of responsibilities. You can expect to be encouraged to think differently, independently, learn about system change, regeneration of nature, creating a healthier and more fair society.  


Graphic Design/ Animation Storytelling Role  

We are not perfect and we do not pretend we are, but we believe that by working with a diverse motivated group of awesome people, any impact is possible! Lots of things need to be done to grow the 7BP community, including things like community building, creating, and building partnerships with social/purpose-driven companies, foundations, NGOs, and activists. We are currently looking for graphic design/ animation storytellers to join the team!


We would love it if you:  

• Have experience in the field of graphic/web design

• Have the ability and creativity to create animations and video content.

• Have an interest in the environment, sustainability, social movements and community building.

• Are autonomous, spontaneous. action-oriented and open-minded.

• Consider yourself organized and responsible.  

• Can commit for at least 4 months. (We can make exceptions if we allign really well)


Work culture  

There is a very informal work culture, there is no hierarchy. Everything is up for discussion. We do expect people that are responsible and respectful. As the Amsterdam team consists of the founder (David) and people that join for an internship , the vibe of the team depends on the people that join. Because of this we are looking for people that enjoy working in teams. Furthermore it is important to realize we are a start-up start-up. Things can be chaotic, messy and change constantly. There are no senior people that guide the interns, we all work together. Please think carefully if this is for you. The culture is based on trust, this requires people to work out of self motivation. In the beginning you will feel lost. As a team we do what we can to make you feel at home.  


Housing - Room  

You yourself are responsible to find a room. We provide a document with tips that might help. 



You bring your own laptop. 

The opportunity  

Join 7 Billion Presidents for an opportunity to work on an ambitious project that is redefining the way we do business, putting people over profits, and giving clean power to the people!  


The internship takes place in Amsterdam (half on-site, half from home), it's full-time and can last from 3 to 12 months. Start date preferred asap but flexible.  

7 Billion Presidents  

Instagram  & Linkedin



No financial compensation
Years of Experience required: 


Social media  climate change  campaigning  sustainability  copywriting  Circular economy  communication  environment  
English: Independent User B2
Level of Studies: 
graphic design
Video editing
Adobe premier
out-of-the-box thinking