Graphic designer

Art and Design, Communication and Information Sciences, Social Sciences
15 Jan, 2022 to 15 Jun, 2022
1 Jan, 2022

General information

5 months

˝CKM Dubrovnik˝ (Youth Career Center) has extensive experience in project management. Members and employees of the association have been active in the civil sector for years, and have professionalized to help prepare and implement projects funded by various funds, especially the European Social Fund. In addition to project activities, the association also carries out its regular activities.

We are looking for a graphic designer, a person responsible for the concept, design, and production of visuals needed for social media campaigns and daily needs.

This may include searching for trending social media visuals concepts and trends: creating and coordinating visuals with the social media manager, managing visuals on all of our social media channels. Development of a calendar where we will know what will appear on our channels a couple of weeks in advance. Also, logo designing and creative work will be expected from time to time. Additionally, he/she would join the team in brainstorming and figuring out how to solve problems that may appear on our way while we are trying to successfully implement all of our projects.

skills required :

- Good multi-tasking

- Positive attitude, desire to learn 

- Results-driven person

- Excellent command of English (both written and spoken)

- Willingness to learn and work as part of the team with passion about the relevant field

- Ability to work individually and in a team

- Skillful with graphic design   

- Good skills with Photoshop and Illustrator, Canva    

- Knowledge in web design/ WordPress (experience is a plus) 

- Good skills in tools such as Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and other video editing software (After Effects and Audition is a plus)

- Skills in motion graphics (would be a huge plus, however motivation to learn and improve i   is welcomed)

- Skillful  with print design, animation, formats, and production

- Must be proficient i n Microsoft Word, Office, Outlook, and PowerPoint

- Curious, proactive, and open-minded 

- Good written and verbal communication skills

No financial compensation
Years of Experience required: 

Additional Information

What we offer : An exciting environment to express your passion, talents and develop your skills. A unique opportunity to learn from us and shape the next growth steps of our organization, you will grow both personally and professionally. International experience, flexible schedule, and professional training. Also possibility of participating in the organization's events and various activities. We are a registered Erasmus+ organization and all interns can apply for the Erasmus Funding through your University. Please note before applying to this internship: An internship is an opportunity to experience and perform within a job role/function within an operating company. The internship is unpaid, and you will need to apply for an Erasmus grant/scholarship to participate. You should be able to communicate in English, hence, you will be able to enhance your business fluency. We provide focus and enhance highly motivated individuals to a higher level of performance, we may provide more advanced preparation for higher roles profiles.
English: Independent User B2
Level of Studies: