Host Manager Assistant

Business Studies and/or Management Science, Communication and Information Sciences
30 Sep, 2019 to 31 Mar, 2020
30 Sep, 2019

General information

6 months

Located in Lisbon, our humble international team would like to change step by step the society, while sharing the love for surfing. Surfgasm was born from a foundation that supports open mindsets, alternative perspectives and a desire for wild preservation while bringing humanity closer together.

For the past 8 years, we built a network of student residences and guest-houses in Lisbon. Last year we started a surf camp at Costa da Caparica and this year we will open new guesthouses. Therefore, we are looking to complete our team with a Host Manager Assistant.

You will be working with a team where proactivity and positivity are the norms.

Requirements :

- C1 level of English

- An active approach to communication with people

- Organized, punctual and reliable personality

- Carrying approach towards the hosts, guests and the guesthouses

- Focused on goal achieving, optimization and effectively

- Multi-tasking and handling the diversity of the position

- Team-player - it’s important we all get along and create a synergistic effect


Main tasks :

- Leading and organization of the hosting/cleaning team

- Integration of the new hosts

- Conducting weekly meetings with the hosts

- Solving domestic and household issues

- Providing consultation and help to the maintenance of the guesthouses

- Reporting tasks to the maintenance (as a person most present around the guesthouses)

- Monitor the state of the guesthouses and related services

- Taking care of the house functionality and appearance

- Readiness for solving unexpected situations with the hosts, guests, maintenance

- An active connection between the office and the hosts

- Organization and follow up on hosts’ spreadsheets and schedules

- Be ready to help and advice our guests during their stay

- Covering guests check-ins from top to bottom (if needed)

- Daily usage of communication and organizational platforms (such as Slack and Trello)


Advantage :

- Skills in hospitality and tourism services

- Experiences in household management or as a domestic helper

- Excellent communication skills

- Knowledge of Portuguese language or any other

- Flexible approach to working hours (sometimes you will be needed during weekends, in exchange to have a free day during the week)

- Experiences with (Airbnb) hosting

- Know how to read people and assessing their moods/state of mind

- Business development and entrepreneurship approach


Evaluation :

- Obtaining experiences with team leadership

- Increase your level of professional English

- Gaining new working skills through a supportive and friendly environment

- Planning of your day

- Conducting meetings one-on-one

- Opportunity to attend surf classes and tours provided by the company

No financial compensation
English: Proficient User C1