Hosting offer in Organometallic and Main Group Cooperative Chemistry for Bond Activation and Catalysis

Natural Sciences
2 Sep, 2020 to 1 Sep, 2021
31 Aug, 2020

General information

8 months

The Erasmus+ student will be integrated within the group of Dr. Jesus Campos (, tenured scientist at IIQ (CSIC-Univ. Sevilla). Research in our lab focuses on the use of organometallic and coordination complexes and clusters to tackle challenging chemical transformations of economic and environmental significance. We put emphasis on the study of reaction mechanisms and the development of new modes of chemical cooperation. We have very recently started to explore unconventional cooperative systems that merge fundamental concepts of seemingly independent areas such as transition metals catalysis and low valent main group elements or heterogeneous and homogeneous catalysis. Thus there will be a range of potential avenues of investigation to discuss between the Erasmus+ student and the host researcher, Dr. Jesus Campos. Overall, we have planned on exploring chemical systems that have a fundamental impact regarding structures and reactivity per se. Nevertheless, the final aim will be applying these cooperative designs to difficult but highly desired transformations such as the functionalization of carbon dioxide and the hydroamination of unsaturated substrates with ammonia, to cite a couple of examples. The student will join an interdisciplinary team and will work closely with other members of the group focused on a variety of cooperative designs.  Our group currently count with national and international funds for a variety of research endeavors, including an ERC Starting Grant (2018-2023), which will secure and international environment for the student.  In terms of infrastructure, facilities and equipment the host department and laboratories are state-of-the-art, so the Erasmus+ student will acquire fundamental knowledge on a range of techniques, including multinuclear NMR spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction and other analytical techniques.

No financial compensation
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Organometallic Chemistry  Homogeneous Catalysis  Main Group Chemistry  Cooperative Chemistry  Transition Metal Chemistry  

Additional Information

Although previous experience is not required, we expect to host a highly motivated student with good capacity for team working and eager to acquire new knowledge and skills
English: Independent User B2
Spanish: Basic User A2
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