HR Assistant

Business Studies and/or Management Science, Humanities, Social Sciences
1 Jan, 2019 to 1 Jul, 2019
30 Oct, 2018

General information

6 months

Situated in Lisbon, our humble team consists of people from all around the world who would like to change society for the better, while sharing the love for surfing. Supporting different perceptions, open-mindset and love for preservation of nature can bring amazing results for humanity and that is why Surfgasm - Lisbon Surf School & Guesthouse Experience was born. 

For the past 8 years, we built a network of student residences and guest-houses in Lisbon.
This year we are starting a surfcamp in Costa Caparica. That is why we are looking to complete our team with a HR assistant. 
You will be working with a team where proactivity and positivity are the norms. Your ideas will be always welcomed and you will be able to execute them.

Requirements, we are asking for…

  • C1 level of English
  • Active approach to communication with people
  • Have a desire to work and learn new things
  • Knowledge of  Human Resources workload
  • Experiences with Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Organisational skills, with a proven ability to meet deadlines
  • Ability to take initiative and proactive approach
  • Planning, researching and eagerness

Main tasks, you will deal with…

  • Understanding the needs of the company (communication with all the departments and collecting information)
  • Preparing job description and personal specifications
  • Choosing the right platforms and posting the advertisements online
  • Contacting candidates/universities/companies and reviewing the outcome
  • Providing and hiring qualified people into the work positions
  • Conducting interviews and following up on the selection process (by exchanging emails; scheduling additional calls with the candidates; etc.)
  • Identifying viable candidates and finalizing the hiring procedure by preparation of the necessary documents
  • On-boarding (quality integration of the newcomers into the team)
  • Maintaining of historical human resource records by designing a filing and retrieval system; keeping past and current record
  • Developing and managing the company’s culture
  • Support positivity, effectiveness and motivation of the teams and company as a whole

Advantage is, if you have…

  • Open mind and constructive ideas
  • Education in the field of HR
  • Setting as Team Player - it’s important we all get along and create synergistic effect;
  • Experiences with managing and leading people
  • Knowledge of Portuguese language
  • Skills in using Social and Communication medias (Slack, Trello, Google spreadsheets, etc.)

Evaluation, you will achieve…

  • Experience with working in international team
  • Reinforcement of your language skills and intercultural competencies
  • Building up communication and readiness skills
  • Gaining new working skills through supportive and friendly environment
  • Knowledge of conducting interviews (face-to-face)
  • Opportunity to attend surf classes and tours provided by the company

Looking forward to receive your application!

No financial compensation
English: Proficient User C1
Problem solving, Self-motivated, Strategic thinking, Working creatively, Responsibility, Entrepreneurial mindset, Researching