Business Studies and/or Management Science, Education and/or Teacher Training
9 Jan, 2020 to 31 Dec, 2023
30 Sep, 2020

General information

2 months

Evaluates the performance of members and staff and also monitors their needs and motivation to work. Provides the necessary competences and training to each associate by developing their professional qualities. Distributes associates by department, depending on their competences and desires.The intern will join and help our staff in the management of teams between 5-15 people, coming from different backgrounds. Other responsibilities include making online & face to face interviews, development of soft skills and gaming techniques that teach various skills, use board games as therapy sessions and etc. See more here:


  • Associate crew working methodology development and support of ongoing tasks;


  • Member crew working methodology development and support of ongoing tasks;


  • Volunteer crew working methodology development and support of ongoing tasks and help in organising and promote the opportunity for applying and going on a project. Consulting young people on the opportunity to participate in such a project; 


  • Recruitment of new associates and members, attending interviews, providing information about our organization on all online & offline channels;


  • Language classes and language preparation courses for our volunteers, members and associates in various languages;


  • Innovative psychological therapy sessions for all of people, involved in the organization - crew & volunteers.


  • Academy: Working on development of new and existing internal and external training/coaching programs for our NGO. Leading & facilitation of training courses, youth exchanges, job shadowing projects and etc.


No financial compensation