Human Resources Generalist & Headhunter

Business Studies and/or Management Science, Communication and Information Sciences, Languages and Philological Sciences
1 Feb, 2021 to 1 Oct, 2023
10 Apr, 2021

General information

12 months

Position: Employment Officer - HR Background  - 12 month paid volunteer position




Social Hackers Academy (SHA) is looking for a passionate graduate who is looking to expand his professional capacity through working in a dynamic entrepreneurial Non-Profit Organisation (NPO). Please read what SHA is doing in our bio (


This is not an internship but a 12 month volunteer position which is sponsored by the European Union.


  1. You are 18 – 30 years old (no exceptions)

  2. You are an EU Citizen that is resident in the union’s 27 countries (Click here to see if your country is included)


  1. 300 Euros per month for food and pocket money

  2. 35 Euros per month to purchase your monthly public transport card

  3. 200 Euros for housing

  4. Amazing professional development

Learn more about our program by visiting our website and reading our info pack.


Tasks & Responsibilities of the position:

  • Build relationships with student and HR managers

  • Suggest candidates to HR managers that will be a good fit

  • Liaise with Education and Business Development team

  • Update our CRM religiously

  • Support students through their hiring process

  • Perform mock-up interviews with students

  • Etc…


Learning & Development

In SHA we pay a lot of attention to the development and growth of the people we work with. At the beginning of your internship we'll establish a Learning & Development plan that is unique to your needs and learning outcomes. We provide access to online courses, books, podcasts that will make you a professional. All you have to do is work hard and stick to the plan.

Apart from the tasks skills that you'll acquire through the tasks mentioned above you'll also acquire key competences like:

  1. Work in a fast paced entrepreneurial NPO

  2. Understand how the Tech and Non-Profit industries work

  3. Work and deliver your tasks on deadlines

  4. Learn how to communicate effectively

  5. Learn how to effectively use tools such as:

    1. Project Management

    2. CRM

    3. Communication tools

    4. G-Suite

    5. etc...

  6. Work in a cultural diverse environment with people from all over the world

But most importantly become the change that this world needs.



Financial compensation