Interior Designer - On-site Internship - SM 42-

Architecture and/or Urban and Regional Planning, Art and Design
29 Feb, 2024 to 31 Aug, 2024
28 Feb, 2024

General information

6 months

About Us

Our start-up consists of members from all over the world.  We put a strong emphasis on open values and sustainability.  These are not paradoxes in a luxury lifestyle brand.  With these values in mind, we focus on agri-tourism, villa rentals, gastronomy, and creating a community to benefit Sicily’s image and reputation.

 Position Description We are looking for young and talented creatives who wants to show the skills and knowledge acquired at university and bring them into the real world.  An interior designer that knows or will quickly familiarise themselves with material supplies, rules and regulations of building in Italy.  You want to prove yourself and make your first steps into your career. You will assist the company in matters like drawings, interiors, scaling, etc. You can on-site for at least 3 months.  This is a great opportunity if you are eager to work independently and efficiently and it's the perfect framework to put your knowledge into practice. You will be working with a creative team. We are looking for creativity and out of the box thinking, all your ideas are very welcome and appreciated. The internship is on-site and starts in February/March 2024
 Requirements Skills

• Clear and effective communication skills in English (written and verbal). 
• Good communication skills, Italian language skills are a plus
• Eager to support us with his/her ideas to improve our efficiency. 
• Independent and organised worker. 
• Sense of achievement and personal improvement. 
• Eager to put into practice the acquired knowledge. 
• Problem-solver, quick learner. 
• Willing to work in a start-up. 
• Good analytical skills: Excellent sketching skills, digital imaging to enhance and manipulate concepts.

Must know: Computer-Aided-Design (CAD), 3D interior design modelling tools




• Bachelor’s degree in Interior design 

• A Master’s degree is a plus. 

• Ability to be proactive and work independently to drive projects to completion. 

• Be ready to pick up this project-own it and champion it! 

• Resourceful & Start-up mentality; ability to come up with creative solutions when confronted with challenges. 

• Agile mindset and can-do attitude.


What you’ll be responsible for: 


• Analyse/elaborate drawings of properties. 

• Create Renderings in 2D/3D

• Assist the company in improving and optimising the efficiency of the properties as well as materials to be used. 

• Help with the implementation of green energies. 

• Give ideas and feedback related to interior design. 

• Do research and assist in possible requirements and permissions.



Benefits What we offer

• Perfect opportunity for your career development. 

• Freedom for your creative spirit 

• A truly international, English-speaking team. 

• Implementation and improvement of your skills with instant feedback. 

• Learn from the inside how a start-up works. 

• Great experience in your field. 

• Learn in a challenging and friendly working environment. 

• An opportunity to grow into a very important role. 


As financial compensation, we participate in the Erasmus Internship Program.

No financial compensation