Intern at AGU Youth Factory

Business Studies and/or Management Science, Education and/or Teacher Training, Social Sciences
1 Sep, 2023 to 31 Dec, 2023
1 Jun, 2023

General information

3 months


Abdullah Gül University (AGU) Youth Factory is the first university unit in Turkey to work in the field of youth. AGU Youth Factory has  European Solidarity Program Quality Label, Youth Accreditation and Eurodesk Accreditation in the field of youth. AGU Youth Factory also organize social responsibility projects for contribution to society.

AGU Youth Factory is looking for an intern to make contributions to following activities carried out by Abdullah Gul University and its partners in Kayseri.

Expected Profile


Fluency in English is required.

Knowledge & Qualification

Undergraduate students or graduate students

IT & Equipment

Good proficiency with Microsoft package

Using design programs (preffered)

General Qualities required:

Strong communication skills.

Flexibility and capacity of adapt to complex and changing contexts.

Ability to work in an international context and collaborate with international and national experts.

Familiar with multicultural environment.

Problem solving.

Motivate to take part voluntary projects.

The job description of the intern is explained below.

1 Supporting Organization of Social Responsbility Projects

The intern will actively take part social responsibility projects. Also intern will have an opportunity to prepare his/her own project.

1.1. Speaking Club: This project aims to increase youth awareness about the Sustainable Development Goals'. It intends to remove language barriers in communication. This project includes language trainings for high school students in English.

1.2. Academic Audio Library: This project aims to increase the level of participation of blind peoples in academic life. In this project, an academic library in which academic texts are voiced will be created by volunteers to provide equal opportunities.

2. Eurodesk Activities: Eurodesk is a network providing information about volunteer opportunities under Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps Programs. The aim of this network is to give information to volunteers who will contribute to information sharing and give feedbacks to young people. Volunteers will visit different locations such as high schools and dormitories to give information about opportunities and sharing their experiences.

3. Social Incubation Center Projects: There are 2 projects in AGU Social Incubation Center and these projects aim is to support people who was effected from earthquake in Turkey. Interns will support these projects and faciliitate activities.

4. UNESCO Days: AGU Youth Factroy organize regular events for UNESCO Days (World Art Day, World Water Day etc.). The intern will support these organizations. 

5. Youth Accreditation Projects: AGU Youth Factory was accredited by Turkish National Agency to organize youth projects. 2 mobility projects will be organized in 2022 and the intern will support these organizations.

2. Administration Works

The intern will support office works at AGU Youth Factory.

The intern will,

Support in digitalization of paper documents,

Support organizations of Youth Factory (like World Art Day, Volunteer Day, Meetings etc…),

Support Preparing digital documents,

Support Social Media and Promotion Activities (after each activity intern will create social media publishment and news in English for web site).

Support AGU Youth Factory’s accreditaions’ implementation process.

No financial compensation
Years of Experience required: 

Additional Information

Please send your CV to [email protected].
English: Independent User B2
Level of Studies: