Intern biostatistician

Mathematics and/or Informatics, Medical Sciences
19 Jan, 2020 to 13 Dec, 2020
8 Apr, 2020

General information

6 months

The Maimonides Biomedical Research Institute of Cordoba (IMIBIC) is a health research institute. It was founded in 2008 based on an agreement between the Regional Ministry of Health, the Regional Ministry of Economy and the University of Cordoba. Another agreement between the founding entities was signed in 2015, to reinforce their commitment to consolidate IMIBIC as a biomedical research center of excellence. In 2011 IMIBIC was accredited as one of the 29 Health Research Institutes by the Spanish National Institute of Health Carlos III (ISCIII). The accreditation was renewed in 2016.

IMIBIC is a multidisciplinary research space where scientists from the academic and health care sectors work together to improve the health of citizens and boost the social and economic development in the province of Cordoba.

IMIBIC is managed by the Foundation for Biomedical Research of Cordoba (FIBICO), founded in 2007.

We are looking for a biostatistician intern to join us in one of our research support services, methodology and biostatistics department. The Unit offers methodological consulting and statistical support for IMIBIC’s researchers and for the healthcare professionals belonging to the Andalusian Public Health System in the Province of Córdoba, using advanced statistical techniques and statistical software (IBM SPSS Statistics, R Software).  

The services offered by the Unit of Methodology and Biostatistics include:

  • Revision of the research methodology and protocols: presentation of hypotheses, formulation of objectives, selection of epidemiological design definition of variables, selection of statistical analysis etc.
  • Guidance for literature search concerning statistical techniques and methodologies.
  • Sample size calculation.
  • Validation of questionnaires and other measuring instruments.
  • Exploratory and descriptive analysis of data.
  • Inferential analysis (univariate and multivariate).
  • Evaluation of diagnostic tests: sensitivity, specificity, predictive values, ROC curves.
  • Survival analysis.
  • Longitudinal data analysis.
  • Other statistical techniques (Bayesian analysis, meta-analysis, etc.).
  • Interpretation of results.
  • Guidance in presenting and disseminating research results.
  • Revision of scientific publications in terms of quality criteria set by the journal and depending on the type of study.



Experience in data analysis on biomedical research and statistical software knowledge are essential for this role. Selected candidate will work with specialist biostatistician and with clinical researchers in several biomedical research projects where he/she can learn advanced statistical methods used within the department. The candidate will have a wide experience in data analysis of different type of databases and will face to several biomedical research questions which may conduct him/her to make her/his own research in statistics. We ensure to supervise and encourage the candidate in every step. On the other hand, the candidate may attend to the several statistical courses and/or seminars organized by methodology and biostatistics department in IMIBIC.

It is necessary to poses personal skills such as good communication to understand and attend the needs of clinical researchers. Spanish is not needed, as most of the researchers can communicate in English, in the exceptional case the supervisor will be there to help the candidate to understand the research project questions.

No financial compensation
Years of Experience required: 
English: Independent User B1
Level of Studies: